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Darkwing Duck DVD 3-Disc Set Volume 2 Official Press Release

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Darkwing Duck Volume 2

Perfect for Summer Vacation, 3-Discs and 27 Episodes of the Emmy (R) Nominated Animated Series
Available for the First Time on DVD August 7th

Studio: Walt Disney Home Entertainment

Synopsis: In the second installment in the Darkwing Duck collection, Darkwing Duck: Volume 2 DVD, quack crime fighter Darkwing Duck (aka Drake Mallard) and his loyal sidekicks Launchpad McQuack and Gosalyn keep St. Canard safe from a range of villains including angry Christmas trees, ancient pirates, and mutant cabbages from outer space! 27 episodes on 3-Discs provide plenty of laughs for the duck days of summer.

History: "Darkwing Duck" originally aired from 1991 to 1992 on "The Disney Afternoon" and simultaneously premiered shows on ABC's Saturday morning lineup. The series was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award (1992, Outstanding Animated Program), a 1992 Annie Award (Best Animated Television Program) and a 1992 Young Artist Award (Outstanding New Animated Series). The cleverly-written series became known for its satire on superhero mythos and spoofed everything from Batman to The Green Hornet.

Voice Cast:

  • Darkwing Duck -Jim Cummings (Voice - Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, Too)
  • Launchpad McQuack - Terence McGovern (Duck Tales)
  • Gosalyn - Christine Cavanaugh (Rugrats)

    Darkwing Duck Volume 2 DVD Episode List:

    All's Fahrenheit in Love and War
    Whiffle While You Work
    Ghoul of My Dreams
    Toys Czar Us
    The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck
    Up, Up and Awry
    Life, the Negaverse and Everything
    Dry Hard
    Heavy Mental
    Disguise the Limit
    Planet of the Capes
    Darkwing Doubloon
    It's a Wonderful Leaf
    Twitching Channels
    Dances with Bigfoot
    Twin Beaks
    The Incredible Bulk
    My Valentine Ghoul
    Dead Duck
    A Duck by Any Other Name
    Let's Get Respectable
    In Like Blunt
    Quack of Ages
    Time and Punishment
    Stressed to Kill
    The Darkwing Squad


    Direct prebook: June 12, 2007
    Distributor prebook: June 26, 2007
    Suggested retail price: $34.99 U.S./$37.99 Canada (3-Disc DVD Box Set)
    Feature run time: Apprx. 612 mins.
    Rated: U.S. "Not Rated"; Canada "G"
    Aspect ratio: 1:33.1 Formatted 4x3
    Sound: Dolby 2.0 Surround Sound
    Languages: English, French Audio

    This official press release on the second Darkwing Duck DVD set is copyright Buena Vista, 2007, and was used with permission, courtesy of Ryan Fons.

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