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Kilthalia's Negaduck Fan Bio

NAME: Drake Mallard Hudigan

A.K.A.: Negaduck

NICKNAMES: Boss, Negs, Negsie, Dad

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Short, as male ducks go; black eyes; black eyebrows; a scar running down his face at an angle.

CLOTHING: He normally wears his Negaduck outfit. If not then he's wearing black and sometimes red.

OCCUPATION: He's Negaduck! He's a Super villain! And he's president of NegaSweets. Later in life he goes into teaching rambunctious youths to be competent criminals.

HOBBIES: He likes to train his son Lucifer in the art of martial arts and womanizing, cuddle with his wife, clean his weapons, count his massive amounts of wealth, and reminisce all his memories and write his memoirs.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: The ability to live through everything.

ORIGIN: Negaduck originated in the NegaVerse to an abusive father and a mother who didn't have time for him. He grew up smartest in his school, for whatever little that is worth, and did the housework that his mother should have been able to do. He was run out of his house by his drunkard father at the age of 12 and found himself in the mountains of Japan where he was trained in Quack-Fu. years later he got into trouble with his master (we won't go into that) and was kicked out of school, and literally mailed back to St. Canard, where he met One-Eyed Willy, and together the two teamed up to conquer the world and succeeded. Thus Negaduck was made. He changed his last name when he met the love of his life because she met Drake Hudigan before she met Negaduck.

PROBLEM-SOLVING: He will either kill it, if it's living, blow it up otherwise, or beat his broblems into submission until he feels better then will go about it from a cunning way.

MOTIVATION: To simply get what he wants.

PERSONALITY: Tempermental, yet loving to his family. Has a short fuse but is willing to make an exception when family is involved.

FRIENDS / FAMILY: Negaduck married his NegaFemmeVerse self and had three children with her, Lucifer, Anthony, and KC (Killer Catherine). His friend One-Eyed Willy died, but left behind his wife and four children. Four other people Negaduck became closer to as time wore on... Megavolt, Quackerjack, The Liquidator and Bushroot...

NOTABLE TIDBITS: Negaduck is a surprisingly good father considering his father beat him and his mother was hardly around. No parent gave him a positive influence in his life, ever.

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