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Mary Sues, Gary Stus, whatever you call 'em, they're all fan characters, and they're everywhere, in fandoms of all kinds. Darkwing Duck is no exception. Personally, I don't believe that ALL fan characters are Mary Sues or Gary Stus, contrary to popular belief. And I also don't believe that all fan characters are necessarily author insertions. Granted, many are, but why is that necessarily a bad thing? Quality really depends on how the character is written in relation to their interacting with the canon characters, and how the story with the character is written in general. In any case, I really don't give a darn about whether a fan character listed here is a Mary or a Gary. All fan characters reveal a little bit about how the fans relate to the object of their fandom. They are all special, and that is why I created this page. To submit your fan character, follow the template below and send it to this address. Feel free to send in a picture of your character as well. You may not use another person's fan character or their pictures without the permission of that character's creator. Also, do not be afraid to submit a character that has the same name as another character, unless it's obvious you're blatantly ripping off someone else's idea. Also feel free to update any previous profiles you've submitted. Fan characters tend to change a lot, as I've learned from experience.

Profile Template

NAME: What is your character's real, full name?

A.K.A.: What is your character's alias?

NICKNAMES: What nicknames does your character have?

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: What does your character look like?

CLOTHING: What outfit does your character normally wear?

OCCUPATION: What does your character do for a living?

HOBBIES: What does your character do in his / her spare time?

SPECIAL ABILITIES: What special talents or powers does your character possess?

ORIGIN: Give a brief summary of how your character came to be how he / she is today.

PROBLEM-SOLVING: How does your character handle different situations?

MOTIVATION: What does your character hope to gain out of doing what he / she does?

PERSONALITY: Aside from what you've already mentioned in "Motivation" and "Problem-Solving," what is your character's personality like?

FRIENDS / FAMILY: Does your character have any friends or family members to speak of?

NOTABLE TIDBITS: Are there any other details you'd like to add?

The Characters

Cameo DeLores
Damien Hudigan
Jake Tyler Mallard
Javert Adair
Jey Beyer
Landon Griffith Mallard

Martha Gullet Hudigan
Michelle Hudigan
Polly Cinders
Stanley Bushroot
Victoria Volatili

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