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NAME: Cameo DeLores

A.K.A.: The Badnamer


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Cameo is a short and slighty stout Brown-Headed Cowbird hen with brown eyes and hair.

CLOTHING: Usually a Hamburger Hippo T-Shirt and black pants; other than that, anything black, navy blue or any other dark colour.

OCCUPATION: Cameo DeLores works at a Hamburger Hippo joint in downtown St. Canard.

HOBBIES: When she is not working for a fast food joint she is out and about commiting crimes, but only at night time.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: None, aside from being a fantastic manipulator.

ORIGIN: Not much is known about Cameo's past; she turned to commiting crimes in a nightly basis when things became a bit too dull for her liking.

PROBLEM-SOLVING: A quick thinker, it doesn't take Cameo too long to work out a problem. Will often use others to solve problems and will pretent she's not bright enough to work out solutions on her own.

MOTIVATION: Nothing too special, just to keep things remaining lively in St. Canard.

PERSONALITY: Manipulative, quiet and cunning as a villain, Cameo can cover this with a act of warm-heartedness and a talkative nature.

FRIENDS / FAMILY: Her friends are unknown, her parents live in the Western United States.

NOTABLE TIDBITS: When it comes to commiting crimes, Cameo never works alone. She will pick some innocent looking fellow on the streets to "help" her out, only to stab them in the back and make it look like she's making a citizen's arrest when the crimefighters and police come around.

IMAGES: Headshot by Roaming Tigress

- By Roaming Tigress

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