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NAME: Damien Hudigan

A.K.A.: N/A

NICKNAMES: Devil Duck, "that bastard"

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: He is almost identical to his son, Negaduck, except for the fact that Damien is fatter and has blue eyes.

CLOTHING: A white T-shirt and a long sleeved denim short over that with the logo of the company he works for on it.

OCCUPATION: A coal miner as a teenager then upgraded to a coal unloader into the refinery 'til the day he died.

HOBBIES: Drink alcohol, beat his wife and kids, make a mess of the cleanly little rundown house, eat more than his share, and sleep.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Nothing physical, but he certainly repels people with his attitude.

ORIGIN: Damien was a beaten abused child himself whose father killed his mother and threw him out on the street like garbage. Damien survived the only way he knew how to in The Negaverse, to be mean and take what he can get.

PROBLEM-SOLVING: He would most likely beat it with a metal rod.

MOTIVATION: Just the ability to survive The Negaverse, to keep on breathing and eating and living the best he can.

PERSONALITY: Desperate. desperate to suceed, desperate to get what he wants

FRIENDS / FAMILY: It was never found if Damien married Martha, but he certainly had three children with her; Rose, Drake, and Duke.

NOTABLE TIDBITS: Towards the end of Damien's short life he became soft-hearted, his respiratory system giving way from the years working with coal. He became regretful of being the bastard that he was when he was younger. It was because of him that his son Drake took over The Negaverse, and now that Damien was sorry, he couldn't very well tell his children, or their mother that.

IMAGES: Portrait by Kilthalia

- By Kilthalia

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