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Flapping Terror: The Website that Gets Dangerous

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NAME: Jake Tyler Mallard

A.K.A.: Agent Mallard

NICKNAMES: Old Man, Mr. Grinch

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A taller, slightly more built and older version of Drake Mallard.

CLOTHING: A black SHUSH uniform/suit.


HOBBIES: Plot corrupt schemes, attempt to hunt down Negaduck.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Surprisingly strong for his age, very intelligent, a keen sharp-shooter.

ORIGIN: Was once a CEO of a major enterprise in the Negaverse until the business went bankrupt and he lost his job. Jake lost his pride and eventually slipped into depression until he finally snapped one night and turned on his wife and eight year old son. He beat his wife to death and made his son, Drake, watch until he attacked him and left him for dead. Although Drake miraculously survived, Jake got away and disappeared for years until he turned up in the Normalverse after following Negaduck through a portal and eventually was hired by SHUSH.

PROBLEM-SOLVING: Uses his methods of interrogations and shrewd ability to twist peoples' words and mess with their minds until he gets whatever he is after.

MOTIVATION: Although he works for SHUSH, he is an unknown corrupt agent with his own benefits kept in mind. Not only does he abuse his powers and high rank of authority on his own behalf, but he also uses his authority as an excuse to get to his son.

PERSONALITY: Like his son, he has a very short temper and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He does not like being questioned and likes to keep a strict hold on any situation. His biggest rival is without a doubt Agent Gryzlikoff, and the two can be seen constantly arguing with one another. Even though he can be cruel, when things don't go his way, he has a tendency to complain in a childish manner, which includes pouting and whining.

FRIENDS / FAMILY: Wife Abigail (deceased) and son, Drake (Negaduck)


IMAGES: Portrait by Shelley

- By Rachel

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