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NAME: Javert Adair

A.K.A.: The Devil Duck


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Resembles a long legged Darkwing with a black patch over his left eye. He is rather dashingly handsome, and is twenty-one years of age. His eyes are a cold silver, reflecting upon his nature.

CLOTHING: Generally wears a black trench coat, occasionally a blue jacket/pants/white shirt combo.

OCCUPATION: A jack of all trades, Javert works for F.O.W.L as an agent, High Commander, sniper, spy and inspector.

HOBBIES: Target practice, hunting, causing people pain in any way possible (physical or emotional).

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Can sense any weakness in anyone, even if it isn't the least bit obvious.

ORIGIN: Javert came into the world of villainy as a newborn. His mother was shot by FOWL guards who mistook her for someone dropping off a bomb. Adopted by the female leader of High Command, he was raised to become St. Canard's most sinister villain. This upbringing proved to be quite a success, and by the time he was ten he had killed several people.

PROBLEM-SOLVING: Intelligent and determined, he thinks things over slowly and carefully. However, when something doesn't work out, he spends most of his time being too frustrated to work out another plan.

MOTIVATION: To be feared by all, to become the number one public enemy, and to kill Steelbeak.

PERSONALITY: Cruel right to the bone, he wouldn't know mercy if his life depended on it. In spite of his viciousness, he is a coward and only attacks others when they are weak or taken by surprise. Javert can be very arrogant, often thinking he is the greatest thing on Earth.

FRIENDS / FAMILY: Due to his unscrupulous nature, he does not have many friends excluding a few thugs he meets up at work and at the local taverns. His adopted mother is Siege, the "matriarch" of High Command, and he is engaged to fellow agent, Keleen Vanderchill.

NOTABLE TIDBITS: His hatred for Steelbeak stems from a childhood incident when the rooster purposefully tripped him down a set of stairs.
Javert's name was indeed inspired from the Les Miserables character, and the character himself was inspired by a horrific dream.

IMAGES: Headshot by Roaming Tigress, Portrait in blue pencil by Roaming Tigress, In a bathrobe by Roaming Tigress

- By Roaming Tigress

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