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NAME: Jey Beyer

A.K.A.: The Burninator; Gooray

NICKNAMES: Gooshy, Shrink-liz, Jey, Goo, Fraz

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Like a little dragon; yellow scales with grey spots on it, blue eyes, long tongue, sharp teeth, two small wings on her back, the few hairs on her head are colored black.

CLOTHING: Normally she doesn’t wear any clothes but sometimes she wears a black T-shirt, a black hat, and a black leather jacket (just as a costume ;) ).

OCCUPATION: She doesn’t speak often about her old life. Anyway, she steals what she needs for life now. And sometimes she helps Bushroot to steal money and stuff.

HOBBIES: Collecting stones, eating, counting stars, being dumb. XD

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Spitting fire, flying (short distances), knowing things nobody would expect.

ORIGIN: Originally Gooray comes from another dimension. While an experiment with a DNA-Merger Dr. Bellum fired the ray accidentlly at Gooray, who popped into the dimension of Darkwing Duck and co. The DNA from a lizard and a bat connected with the DNA of Gooray and she received her current form. Nobody knows how she looked before this accident not even Dr. Bellum knows because she looked away when the whole thing happened :).

PROBLEM-SOLVING: Since she feels most of the time rather insecure she’s mostly trying to avoid problems of any kind. If she’s getting confronted with something she reacts quite coward and gives up very early instead of trying to solve the problem. But if a friend of her is in trouble she will try to help him in any violent form.

MOTIVATION: Positive attention, someone who understands her and does not confuse her with an animal and treats her like a person of the same potential. In some way she’s also seeking for someone who takes the role of a father for her. Someone who supports her ideas, protects her from mishaps and solves harder conflicts for her.

PERSONALITY: She’s very introverted and doesn’t talk about her feelings a lot, but she expects someone to understand her. Besides she’s very friendly and tries to amuse people around her here and there in a good way. Even though she doesn’t want to end up as the full attention catcher she tries to appear useful to someone, even as amusement.

FRIENDS / FAMILY: She doesn’t talk a lot about her life of the other dimension and no one knows if she has a real family or not. She’s befriended with Darkwing, maybe a greater or rather lesser extent (well, if she doesn’t happen to get into mischief ;) ). She’s also befriended with Dr. Reginald Bushroot (if she can help him to get fertiliser etc. XD), she sees in Bushroot the father she always wants to have.

NOTABLE TIDBITS: Character represents the creator.


- By Jey Beyer

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