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Flapping Terror: The Website that Gets Dangerous

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NAME: Michelle Hudigan (maiden name unknown)

A.K.A.: Nega

NICKNAMES: Chell Chell, Mommy, Bomb Shell

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: She's about Negaduck's height with waist length gold-brown hair and large brown eyes, a cute bill and a cute figure.

CLOTHING: She normally wears a T-shirt and jeans, but has been seen wearing the occasional dress or PJ's.

OCCUPATION: She's Negaduck in the NegaFemmeVerse. She's also the mother of Negaduck's children.

HOBBIES: She likes to snuggle with her family.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: She has the ability to bend men's willpower with her feminine wiles to get what she wants.

ORIGIN: She originates in a gender-opposite dimension from the Negaverse. Almost nothing is known about her life before she met Negaduck in his home dimension.

PROBLEM-SOLVING: She will, in a good or sad mood, try and cuddle and / or weaken a person's will to change the situation in her favor. In a bad mood, however... she'll beat the living daylights out of the problem.

MOTIVATION: She hopes to get what she wants.

PERSONALITY: She's sweet and loyal, VERY loving and values that love more than anything.

FRIENDS / FAMILY: She made friends with the Fearsome Four; her husband is Negaduck; and her three children, Lucifer, Anthony and KC (Killer Catherine).

NOTABLE TIDBITS: She's supposed to be her creator as a duck... but since Michelle's creation, her creator has undergone serious personality changes, so now they're really nothing alike.

IMAGES: Portrait by Kilthalia

- By Kilthalia

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