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NAME: Martha Gullet Hudigan

A.K.A.: N/A

NICKNAMES: Mommy, (some lewd adjactives I will leave out), Marth

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Not too much taller than Damien with shoulder length jet black hair, thin and very beautiful with dark eyes.

CLOTHING: Either a simple inexpensive dress or what she can afford at the salvation army and an apron at home. At work... dang. A lot less...

OCCUPATION: House wife and stripper.

HOBBIES: Spare time?! Martha has spare time?!

SPECIAL ABILITIES: The ability to survive work, and Damien.

ORIGIN: Martha started off life in the country where the farms were failing because of pollution from the cities, so to survive, Martha went to St. Canard to get whatever work she could. One day as she was walking down the street as a young teenager she bumped into her future boss of the "Hotel Ritz" where she would spend her whole teenage years working and living at making good money as male entertainment and... playtoy. One day she met Damien who impregnated her accidentally. He took her to live with him in a ramshackle house that she fixed on her free time while he was at work during the day and at night she would go to work. Months later, Rose Thorn was born. It was then that her boss told her to come back when her daughter was old enough to be on her own. Martha was then turned into a housewife who was beaten almost every night for whatever reason Damien could come up with. Six years later Drake (Negaduck) was born and he was such help around the house as a young boy that Martha could go back to work. 12 years after Drake was born Duke was born and yet again Martha became a house wife, but after Duke left the home at the age of 12 Martha was abandoned by Damien, yet left with the house. Knowing to be able to do better than that hellhole, Martha left it for better things; her son Negaduck gave her her own mansion in the Carribean.

PROBLEM-SOLVING: Either run and hide or confront them head on, depending on the situation.

MOTIVATION:Simple survival to beat the odds. What motivation else is there in the Negaverse?

PERSONALITY: Martha is a very caring person who has seen many bad things, but tries to get the good out of it all.

FRIENDS / FAMILY: Her three children and her fellow strippers at work.

NOTABLE TIDBITS: Through it all Martha has maintained her integrity and maternal instincts.

IMAGES: Portrait by Kilthalia

- By Kilthalia

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