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NAME: Pollyanna Nicole Cinders

A.K.A.: Flame Fatale

NICKNAMES: Polly, Pol, Cinderella

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A brown-furred canine woman with pointy ears, pouty lips, a short muzzle, blue eyes, and long, wavy blonde hair.

CLOTHING: A little red sleeveless and strapless dress with a short skirt; matching high-heels.

OCCUPATION: Former millionaire heiress, turned spokesmodel, turned supervillain. Hopes to become a singer.

HOBBIES: Unknown.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Can generate and project flames from almost any part of her body, is mostly immune to fire and heat, can raise or lower her body temperature at will (at the risk of fever, heat stroke, and other temperature-related maladies). Is highly competent in hand-to-hand combat, and possesses limited knowledge of gunplay as well as above-average intelligence.

ORIGIN: Polly's father, a well-respected scientist, was very wealthy man for working for a company that produced sunblock. Years ago, he was testing an experimental lotion for his employers in his personal lab, beneath the mansion where he, his daughter, and and his wife (Polly's stepmother) lived. Dr. Cinders' hope was to create a lotion that would make the wearer immune to high temperatures. Polly adored her father and often acted as his assistant in the lab. One day, Polly's stepmother staged a chemical spill, and the lab caught on fire. Polly's father dumped all the lotion on Polly to protect her from the flames. The fire department managed to put the fire out before it took over the rest of the mansion. They were baffled to find Polly mostly unscathed, free of being burned alive. Investigators wouldn't believe Polly's story about her father's experiment, and all evidence of its existence seemed to be wiped out in the fire... when they were, in fact, stolen by Polly's stepmother, who claimed to know nothing of the experiment. She accused Polly of causing the accident so Polly could get her father's fortune. Before Polly could be convicted, she ran away from home. The stepmother moved on to sell the plans to the sunblock's formula back to her late husband's employers and became even more rich than she already was, not caring what happened to Polly.
When Polly arrived in Saint Canard, she was homeless and had no possessions aside from the clothes on her back. She lived on the streets for a year, and it was during the winter when she first met Lance Landrance - better known as biker gangster and grand theft auto king, Road Hog - who took her in temporarily. When spring came, she left to go back on the streets. About a month or so afterward, she found an ad in the newspaper about Bud Flood's bottled water company looking for a new spokesmodel. Polly went back to Lance for help, and he provided her with enough money for a makeover, as well as a place to sleep like before. The audition went very well, Bud Flood being more than impressed. Polly became the new spokesmodel, and eventually, Bud's girlfriend. Their relationship was purely physical at first, but gradually grew deeper. In the meantime, Lance watched Polly's growing success. While while he was happy for her, he steadily became more and more jealous of Bud. When Polly finally was able to afford her own apartment, Lance got her to hire him as her bodyguard... in order to stay close to her and to keep an sharp eye on Bud. Of course, Bud knew what Lance was up to, and while he barely knew him, he was disgusted by Lance's appearance, mannerisms, and hygiene. Bud and Lance started to argue with each other behind Polly's back; Lance was convinced that Bud was trying to hurt Polly, and Bud was convinced that Lance was trying to steal Polly from him. Polly didn't have a clue until Bud and Lance got in a fist-fight. She saw Lance standing over Bud, ready to knock him out. In a rage, she fires him. Heartbroken, Lance went back to working at his garage. Polly's relationship with Bud seemed perfect, but as half a year passed, her appearances in Bud's ads decreased as business started booming. Bud started paying less attention to Polly and focused more on work. After a messy break-up with Bud, Polly left him and her former lifestyle behind. It was shortly afterwards when she accidentally discovered her fire powers and began a life of crime, dabbling in petty theft to fund the beginnings of a straight singing career.

PROBLEM-SOLVING: Polly is very logical and usually thinks before she acts, but in difficult situations her patience doesn't allow this. This happens especially when she receives no cooperation from people around her. She usually remains undaunted by most challenges; bold, fearless and non-regretful. This has the potential to be very dangerous on her part as well as those of others. She either solves her problems by thinking through every possibility, careful manipulation, brute force, or any combination of these. When all else fails, she prefers brute force. However, her sense of creativity is what makes her so distinct from other villains.

MOTIVATION: To get what she wants and make sure nobody stands in her way. Exactly what she wants most is unclear, even to her. One thing is for certain: as long as she's happy, everybody's happy.

PERSONALITY: Not exactly your stereotypical fire-using super-powered individual, Polly has a considerably greater amount of patience than most would expect. However, she still has a shorter temper than average, and because of her potentially explosive anger it would be wise to stay on her good side. Polly is intelligent, resourceful, fast-thinking, and somewhat flighty. She is as fiery as her powers and is incredibly passionate. Despite her criminal record, she has the one thing most criminals do not - a conscience. She cannot stand to hurt or kill anybody if she can help it, and has been known to help people who are obviously in need. This leads some to speculate if she is really cut out to be a supervillain.

FRIENDS / FAMILY: Polly may or may not be still friends with Lance "Road Hog" Landrance. Her father and mother are deceased, her stepmother is alive and well, and she has an older brother named Paul, whom she hasn't seen in years as he has been in the marines.

NOTABLE TIDBITS: Polly started out as a water-based supervillain named Aqualea Lockheart back in 2000. She has changed and fleshed out considerably since then.

IMAGES: Color portrait by Jooki, Black-and-white by Melissa.

- By Melissa

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