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NAME: Victoria Volatili

A.K.A.: Fireduck


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Victoria is about twenty five years old and attractively predatory in appearance. She has raven black hair, brown eyes and an athletic build.

CLOTHING: Victoria's usual attire includes black jeans and red shirt with the F.O.W.L logo.

OCCUPATION: Agent of FOWL; Victoria was also in a High Command position for a short while.

HOBBIES: When she isn't burning things or spending time with family and friends, she is cycling.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: A professional arsonist, she can set numerous fires in just five minutes with only a small firegun.

ORIGIN: Her mother abandoned her at a young age and was passed from foster home to foster home. She always was a little quirky, but when her cousin, Ginger, was killed when Duckburg's FOWL HQ was destroyed, she became insane. Victoria turned to a life of crime due to the exciting nature of doing something bad and getting away with it, or at least trying to.

PROBLEM-SOLVING: A quick thinker, once she has her mind on something it is not easy for her to let go. She is calculated in her criminal methods, always thinking before acting. If something doesn't work out the way she intended it to, she will simply find an alternative.

MOTIVATION: To keep her place as St. Canard's worst arsonist.

PERSONALITY: Her personality is best described as ruthlessly fiery. Although she has her calm moments, she is quick to show her temper. Full of confidence, not too many things intimidate her.

FRIENDS / FAMILY: Mother is Magica DeSpell, her father is a relative of Launchpad. She has several friends from work and outside. She is the wife of Steelbeak, and has a daughter named Tatiana.

NOTABLE TIDBITS: This pyromaniac speaks with an Australian accent, using more "crikeys" than Steve Irwin.
Victoria is featured in many roleplaying Darkwing Duck games, and in the fanfic, The Makings of A Killer.
She was not originally my character, but rather one that was created by a wonderful friend, Rachel, who handed her over to me.

IMAGES: Headshot by Roaming Tigress

- By Roaming Tigress

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