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Flapping Terror: The Website that Gets Dangerous

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There is a lot of Darkwing Duck-based fan fiction out there, and I mean a lot! I'm very open-minded about the fics I accept because many Darkwing fans these days are grown up. However, I currently do not accept fanfic with an NC-17 (No Children Under 17) rating. If there is enough demand I will create a special separate page for such fan fiction, but for now you will only see fiction with the following ratings:

G / K: General Audiences - Everyone of all ages can read this. A veritable volume of fun for the whole family.
PG / K+: Parental Guidance Suggested - Some material in this fanfic may not be suitable for kids. Be advised.
PG-13 / T: Parents Strongly Cautioned - Some material in this fanfic may not be appropriate for kids ages 13 and under. Again, be advised.
R: Restricted - If you're 13 or under, don't read this fanfic! If you do, you can't say you weren't warned. If you're under 17, be advised about this rating.

Other Ratings
M/M SLASH - A romantic pairing between two males is contained in this fiction.
F/F SLASH - A romantic pairing between two females is contained in this fiction.

If you would like to submit your own fanfic, it must be hosted outside the site, like on FanFiction.Net. I'm afraid I'll no longer be able to host fanfiction at this site, as it is too much work. Simply send me the link to your fanfic at this e-mail address. Please let me know what you're sending by describing it in the subject line. If you're just here to read, though, sit back, relax, and enjoy!


In real life, I've been told to have excellent writing abilities. Unfortunately, I know that I could still use a lot of work. Not that I want to be Shakespeare or anything (after all, he's dead) but still... :P

Gosalyn Mallard, Master Chef
A short skit based on actual events. Gosalyn cooks dinner for the Mallard household... uh-oh. Dare you dig in? Rated G.

Why Megavolt Speaks to Lightbulbs
A very short poem devoted to Megavolt and his tendency to talk to shiny inanimate objects. Rated G.

Megavolt's Serenade, or, Lit Like a Bulb
A song parody sung from Megavolt's POV. If you liked Seal's "Kissed By a Rose," you'll love this. Or here's hoping, anyway. Rated PG.

Melissa's An Idiot
Adapted from a very random thing I posted at the old GreatWarriors.Net forum years ago; it's a sketch of sorts. Rated PG-13.

A Letter from Darkwing Duck
I was afraid of putting this one up due to the controversy it may cause. What if Darkwing was getting tired of his "afterlife"? That is, now that his show's been long cancelled, what if the way he's living on-- through fanfiction, fan art, and re-runs-- is too much for him, and he decides to write a letter to his fans about it? Please bear in mind that this does not necessarily reflect my own opinions and is NOT to be taken seriously. Rated PG.

Roaming Tigress

I'm personally quite a fan of RT's fan fiction. Much of it is Steelbeak-oriented, and it is very exciting to read. She has interesting ideas about Steelbeak's origin, and very interesting ideas on his love life... ;)

NOTE: As I am in the process of re-vamping this section, Roaming Tigress' fanfiction has been temporarily removed from the site. My apologies.

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