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Flapping Terror: The Website that Gets Dangerous

/ / IntroDUCKtion \ \

Hello, and welcome to Flapping Terror! I am Melissa, your webmistress and host. I am among the many, many people in the world who after all these years still appreciates a certain Disney cartoon series called Darkwing Duck, which is what this website is about. I was only five years old when the series first aired, so it's amazing that the memory of it is still with me. But of course, the show had an impact on me, as all good cartoons do to its viewers, plus you've got the legion of fans who help keep the memory alive. That is the very mission of Flapping Terror.

The Website Title and Slogan
Darkwing Duck, the star and hero of the show, calls himself "the terror that flaps in the night." Because the show is basically about him and his adventures, I thought it was only fair to name the website after the Darkwing character himself; thus, "Flapping Terror." As for the slogan, one of Darkwing's many catchphrases is "Let's get dangerous!" In fact, that line is his most popular one. But what does it mean to "get dangerous?" Not just to get ready to kick some supervillain butt (though that is always a very good thing, indeed, especially for us viewers), but to take a risk, to dare to be different, to live your dream... at least, that's what that phrase means to me, as Darkwing lives his dream to be a hero every day. To take a risk may seem "dangerous," because you don't know what will happen; the phrase is a challenge to take on the unknown. Darkwing knows that the unknown can be scary - that's why he wears a mask and makes his dramatic smoke-filled entrances. He uses the power of the unknown to his advantage to strike fear into the hearts of criminals and crooks. But for Darkwing, the unknown is an enemy as well as an ally. Facing the kind of opponents he does can be a very volatile experience each time. He knows this, but with each cry of "Let's get dangerous!" he is proclaiming his readiness to take them on no matter what lies ahead. So, the slogan "the website that gets dangerous" is a sort of homage to Darkwing's bravery.

Why I Made This Website
There are many reasons I decided to build Flapping Terror... entirely from scratch... and gaining carpal tunnel syndrome in the process. Here are the four main ones:

  1. Disney's Darkwing Duck is a brilliantly written dramatic / comedic animated show with interesting characters and exciting adventures.
  2. There once used to be a plethora of Darkwing websites, now almost all gone, so it seemed natural to build an efficient, informational, and satisfying website to make up for the fallen Golden Age that once ruled Darkwing fandom.
  3. I am one of the many fan girls who has a crush on Darkwing, A.K.A. Drake Mallard. *blush* What, can't a girl dream? ;)
  4. This website allows me to let my creative energies flow, it gives me something to do that others and myself can enjoy.

Well, there you have it. Now that you know the meaning and purpose of this website, I hope that enjoying it will come easier to you. I aim to please. :)

Melissa, Darkwing Duck Fan

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Darkwing Duck and all related characters and elements are copyright Walt Disney Pictures and Buena Vista Animation, 1991-1995. Used without permission, for entertainment and informational purposes only. Flapping Terror is property of Melissa M., 2002 - 2003. Everything else belongs to their respective companies and persons. Thank you.