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Flapping Terror: The Website that Gets Dangerous

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Assuming you've looked through the rest of the website before coming to this page, I hope you've had an enjoyable stay. Now we will guide you to more Darkwing Duck-related goodness! We've got links, we've got webrings, we've got forums and role-playing groups! Be sure to visit every last one to be a true Darkwingite. ;)

If you have a link to submit, e-mail me!

Darkwing Duck Websites

Note as of December 2009: All sites that were once on Geocities are now gone with the wind... As such, the links have been removed. RIP, beloved internet landmarks.

Darkwing Duck Den: A very old, abandoned webpage with lots of original stuff. Geocities wiped it out.

The Negapage: Has quite a bit of original Darkwing content, as well as a bunch of other stuff that captures the interest of Kim McFarland. *The oldest Darkwing website that is still updated!* UPDATE: This site has changed its link.

537 Avian Way: A website built with the spirit of the suburbs. Absolutely full of stuff, including a web comic! Geocities wiped it out.

Cryptic's Realm: A website about an original DW role-play character, Cryptic Macawber. Features fanfiction, artwork, and a whole lot more. Has not been updated in a number of years.

Random's Sanctum: A website about the son of Cryptic, Random Chaos Macawber. Spooky name, eh? I've always thought so. O_o; Has not been updated in a number of years.

The Fearsome Five's Evil Web Empire: A Fearsome Five website by Cynthia "Sparky" Reed, aka "The Human Sparky." Full of fanfiction and art, as well as theories on the Fearsome Five's pasts. Has not been updated in a number of years. *Cynthia coined Quackerjack's civilian name, Jack Quackerwitz, since Disney didn't give him a name!*

Lar's Studio: Lars is an amazingly multi-talented artist, and quite a few of his works are inspired by Darkwing Duck. He even co-wrote the famous PreQuills series, about the adventures of Gosalyn's grandfather during his life. *Lars coined Professor Waddlemeyer's first name, "Noel," since Disney didn't give him one!* Has not been updated since 2001.

License To Steel: Run by my friend Roaming Tigress. This is the ultimate Steelbeak shrine! You got your fanfiction, you got your fan art, screengrabs, WAVs, tons of links - heck, they even have a page for their Hate Mail! (Who in their right minds would hate Steelbeak? Look and see for yourself. You'll be surprised... at their low IQ!) Tigress's fan art and fanfiction are suh-weet. *RT coined one of two civilian names I've heard of for Steelie: Valentino Volatili.* UPDATE: This site is closed forever. ;_; Oh well... it still has a place of honor here. Fare thee well, License to Steel. We barely knew ye.

F.O.W.L. Play: Sister site to License to Steel. Geocities wiped it out.

Everything Just Ducky: Site numbah t'ree by da Tigress. Also wiped out by Geocities.

Darkwing Tower: Run by my friend DarkwingPsycho. Not only does her site have quite a bit of content, and not only is the layout creative, she's a terrific artist as well. UPDATE: The site now has its own domain name and looks very spiffy! There's even more content than before, including art and fanfiction.

Saint Canard at Sunset: Lemme tell you, Zebreckas' website is old, and it's come a long way. It just went through a redesign relatively recently, so not all the content's there yet. Still, I highly reccomend you bookmark this place. Zebreckas is an amazing writer, and a pretty talented artist to boot. Clicky. NOW. Has not been updated since 2007.

Quackerjack's Toy Tower: A loud, visually colorful website devoted to Quackerjack (who is my favorite member of the Fearsome Five!). Lost Duck in Weird Pond, the webmistress, is a rather prolific artist and has written some fanfic (which by the way, is really funny when you take the time to read it). Her sense of humor is priceless, too. XD This is has been wiped out by Geocities.

Liquidator's Aquatic Castle: Lost Duck's sister, Great Ruler of Liquid and Water, runs this Liquidator fansite. GRLW is also a very prolific artist, and she too has written some fanfic. There's a lot of stuff, so you'll need at least an hour to explore the place. And I mean that in a good way - a very good way. :) Has not been updated since 2005. UPDATE: Link has been removed due to lack of way to actually access the site. :P

Diverse Dimensions: Kilthalia ran this site, which is devoted to everyone's favorite supervillains, the Fearsome Five! Geocities blammed it.

The Disney Afternoon File Time Mailing List: Sign up to this mailing list to receive fan art, fan fiction, and other great stuff based on shows from the Disney Afternoon! They even have an archive of all the stuff they've received, and if you wanna see Darkwing Duck, they've got more than enough DW content to keep you uber-satisfied. Just be sure to send in your own stuff when you sign up the list; Honywumpus has been extremely low on submissions recently! UPDATE: I don't believe this... but DAFT has disappeared forever. ;_;

ToasterOven.Com: Run by the Lauderdale, this was the ultimate Megavolt shrine. Put out to pasture by Geocities.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels: Now this site is quite interesting. It serves as a double shrine - one half is dedicated to Negaduck, while the other is dedicated to the villain of "The Great Mouse Detective" movie, Ratigan. This place is all the more sweet when you remember that Darkwing owns a statue of Basil of Baker Street. ^_^ Though the link has changed, I don't think it's been updated for a while...

Animated Life!: What was once known as Animated Lust (Rated PG!) is now known as Animated Life!, and unfortunately, the site has been taken down in favor of a forum. DANGIT!

Get Dangerous - The Darkwing Duck Fanlisting: Why the heck haven't I seen this page before?! I just might join... of course I'm joining, what am I saying?! I really dig the title, too. ;)

Megavolt Devotion Page: Ran by two dedicated fans of our favorite electric rodent. It was a very humorous website, too. *Did you know that Megavolt likes hot gingerbread soup? They were the first to find out! ;)* Caught in the great Geocities purge.

Mystie's Darkwing Duck Post: Lots of cool content, especially media. This site is part of a larger 80's and 90's retro site called Mystie's Place. The Darkwing Duck Post has not been updated since 2007.

You Know You Watch Too Much Darkwing Duck When... - Co-run by Mystie and her buddy, Lavender Feline. There were over 200 items on this list that could determine whether or not you're TOO obsessed with Darkwing. Purged by Geocities.

High Voltage Studios: Another Megavolt fansite, run by Zippy, Electra, and Dr. Aurora Boreales. ;) A very creative website, one of my favorites. Shot in the head by Geocities.

DREAMS AND DRAKESTONES: A website about one girl's love for a certain mallard. Has a very artistically-oriented design. Has not been updated since 2001.

Darkwing-itlan: Featured original character Gingko Biloba, The Old Saint Canard Wishing Well, the Time Pirates, Snap Shots, and much more. Whacked by Geocities.

The Swamp: Cool, cool page. Lotsa original artwork and media. You clicky now. Has not been updated since 2003. UPDATE: Link removed due to lack of way to access the site.

The Center for Volatile Creative Types: Some of the most creative people from the early days of DW fandom were in charge of this little project of sorts, with Splatter Pheonix as their mascot. Has not been updated since 2001.

The Darkwing Duck Page: Holy cannoli! It's back from the dead at last! This website has undergone a TON of renovating, and has LOTS of info that Flapping Terror does not. A highly recommended page. Has not been updated since 2006.

Morgana McCawber's Mansion - Debbie's site devoted to Morgana, Darkwing, and latchhook rug-making. No, that last part wasn't a joke! Deleted by Geocities.

Regular or Extra Crispy? : Woo yay, a Megavolt fanlisting! It's amazing how endearing a hyper electric rodent can be. Then again, you've got Pika-- err, sorry Megsy. I didn't mean to mention him.

The Toon Obsession: Robin has good taste in cartoons. How do we know that? She likes Darkwing, duh! Plus she likes a few of my personal favorites, not that that's important to you... anyway, this site is basically about all the cartoons she likes. She's got Darkwing character profiles, and she discusses quite a few mysteries presented by the show, plus maybe a few other things I can't think of at the moment. Has not been updated since 2008.

The Dynamic, Never-Completed, Ever-Expanding,Darkwing Duck Episode Guide: This is where I got some of my information on the episodes and crew credits. The best episode guide there is, though not the most detailed. UPDATE: OMG! After all these years, the guide is gone! This has got to be remedied somehow...

The Domain of Erebos: Home of original character Raven Inari, as well as the "Nightshipping" page. Has fanfiction and quotes, too. Has not been updated since 2004.

My Little Slice of Heaven: One the home of original character Jade the Cat. Sent to hell by Geocities.

I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the moth that seeks out your back porch light! I am DARKWING DUCK!!: Okay, this site has just won an award for longest title! Has character profiles and fan fiction. Has not been updated since 2001.

Calisota or Bust!: WAIT! Before you click, I have to let you know that this is actually a DuckTales page! But it's run by a Darkwing Duck fan (she saw Darkwing first, and DuckTales afterward), so there are Darkwing references here and there, particularly related to Launchpad and Fenton Crackshell / Gizmoduck. There is a lot of DuckTales stuff there, including screenshots. There are even screenshots from the DuckTales episode that inspired Darkwing Duck, "Double-O Duck"! You can stop waiting now. Click away! UPDATE: Notice you can't click now? That's because the page is gone. However, the creator's art page still exists, so I'm going to ask her about it...

ImageNation: Home of the Quackahula Case Files! Blammed by Geocities.

Specializing in Botany: A Bushroot site by Eric Smith. Eric's a very prolific artist and has written lots of fanfic. A-splode-ed by Geocities.

The Spirit Factor: This is Eric's site for Gosalyn! Kaput thanks to Geocities.

Pluckyland - Darkwing Duck: This small site about Darkwing is a tiny section of Pluckyland, which is devoted to our favorite masked mallard and The Mighty Ducks animated series. Pluckyland is a sub-site of, belonging to a guy named Steve Sanders. So far only has Wendy Welch's episode guide, and will have character profiles soon... probably.

The Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice Bakery - Divided into two sections, this website has a screengrab gallery, character profiles, eassays, an episode list, links, and more. Hasn't been updated since 2002.

Calisota Latina - This is a Spanish website devoted to the ducks of Darkwing and DuckTales. There is also emphasis on the Uncle $crooge and Donald Duck comics, as well as the classic Donald cartoons. Just be wary: there may be some questionable images from the older Donald cartoons; parental guidance suggested. Also, check your speakers: there are midis on every page.

Darkwing's Domain - A deviantART club devoted to Darkwing Duck fan art! I'm a member, whee! No pics of fan characters are allowed, though.

Serebella: Darkwing Duck - A website directory under the Darkwing Duck category! The Serebella website is a part of the Open Directory Project, and has Flapping Terror in its listings! This was certainly a pleasant surprise when they first e-mailed me about it. Check it out!

dmoz Open Directory Project: Darkwing Duck - Speaking of the Open Directory Project, Flapping Terror is listed here as well.

The Last Greenhouse on the Left - Combination Bushroot fansite and fanworks repository, Cheezey has a lot of stuff to offer. Her fanfiction is especially amazing! Just be aware that there are some MATURE-rated fanfics on this site, but they are not the main focus; otherwise the site is very tame and a whole load of fun. A must-visit!

Negaverse.Net - This site is dedicated to Negaduck and the rest of the Fearsome Five. It's got character bios, screenshots, fanfiction, fanart, and loads more! It's also home to The Old Haunt forum. Check it out, you won't regret it!

Public Enemy #1 - "The Approved Negaduck Fanlisting." Part of Negaverse.Net!

Darkwing Duck Webrings

The Disney Afternoon Webring: Plenty of Darkwing links, as well as links to sites devoted to other Disney Afternoon cartoons. Sadly, this is the only functional webring I've found, but maybe I can remedy that...

Darkwing Duck Forums

The Darkwing Forum: A Darkwing Duck discussion forum presented by License to Steel! Not much is going on there, though.

ToasterOven.Com's Megavolt Forum: Pretty self-explanatory. 'Tis a Megavolt forum, yay! Presented by (who else?) ToasterOven.Com! EDIT: It is now a Yahoo! Group, and its messages can only be accessed by members. I don't think there's been much activity there in a while... EDIT2: Link has been deleted as there is nothing but spam now. Will change link when there is a new forum or when the group is cleaned up.

The Darkwing Duck Diary's Forum: Amazing how even though the Darkwing Duck Diary is defunct and neglected, its forum is still very much alive and very active! Probably the most popular DW forum there is, and possibly even the oldest! EDIT: The forum has changed its web address, so I changed the link accordingly.

The Old Haunt - A cool-looking forum with Darkwing discussion, fanfiction, a fanart and screenshot gallery (some of the fanart is a little risque), role-playing and more. Seems to have quite a few members and is currently active.

Darkwing Duck Role-Play

NOTE: All links have been removed due to complete inactivity. Sorry!

Links Obscurely Related to Darkwing Duck

Sharp Mountain Music: Who is Thom Sharpe, you ask? Hold on to your hats and bats: he created the Darkwing Duck theme song!! This is his official website, ladies and gentlemen. Visit it! Just check your speakers before clicking the link-- there's a midi on the opening page. The official site of Steelbeak's voice actor, Rob Paulsen! He's done quite a number of voices for different cartoons, as well as doing work for commercials for TV and radio. He's one of my favorite voice actors!

One-Page Wonders

NOTE: Some links have been removed due to a bunch of them a-splode-ing.

Ray 3-D Zone: Kid Stuff: A small page about 3-D comics for kids. Mentions very good stuff on a Darkwing one from Disney Adventures magazine! This guy's blog features photo galleries of his trips. He cracks a joke about the Mackinac Bridge up North...
Captain Chaotica!!'s Cartoon Fan-Art: Lots of amazing cartoon fan art here, including that of Darkwing, done entirely on the computer. Captain Chaotica!! rules. Has not been updated since 2005.
The Video Game Museum: If you owned the TurboGrafx-16/Turbo Express Darkwing Duck video game, and you wanna know the ending to the game, here it is, in full-color, perfect quality screenshot glory.
The Fed: A newspaper from Columbia Uinversity with an article on the Disney Afternoon and its shows! Woo! presents: Darkwing Duck: Another episode list with air dates and episode numbers, organized by season. Also has brief cast info.
Wikipedia's Darkwing Duck page: Wikipedia is the largest online encylopedia in the world. Check out their page of information on the show, then feel free to browse their pages on various characters from the show. Best of all, you can edit the pages for misinformation and even create new pages for information that is not yet posted! Be sure to also check out their List of Darkwing Duck characters-- Flapping Terror's interview with Tad Stones is mentioned!'s "Which Darkwing Duck Villain Are You?" Quiz - A quiz that will tell you which Darkwing villain you are based on your answers! You have to answer based on how much you agree with a statement. A very good quiz. I got Megavolt! ^_^

Other Links

Animation Web Guide: A directory site for all things related to animation. This site picked out Flapping Terror for a free silver membership, and now they're linked to us! To sign up your animation- or cartoon-related website, click here!

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