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NAME: Madam Anna Matronic

A.K.A.: N/A


OCCUPATION: Former scientist turned criminal.

HOBBIES: Building robots and various other inventions to serve her own villainous ends.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Advanced knowledge of general science, robotics, and technology.

PROBLEM-SOLVING: Creative as well as intelligent, Madam Matronic can take a problematic situation and make it into a solution. She also knows how to take charge when things aren't going her way, but she's most vulnerable when she's at a loss.

MOTIVATION: Unknown, but anyone's best guess would be world domination. After all, she tried to turn SHUSH agents into dimwits using her Silly Signal, and that's an international offense! Just how she turned into a villain is also unknown, but we can assume that she was mocked by her peers for her unusual ways. After all, what villain in their right mind would have robotic puppies for minions?!

PERSONALITY: Not much is known about Madam Matronic, but it's very obvious that she is a loner. She appears to have no friends of any kind, and only her Muttmatics for company.

NOTABLE TIDBITS: Anna Matronic appeared in one Darkwing episode, as a cameo in "In Like Blunt." The story of one of her crimes is revealed in the Golden Book, "The Silly Canine Caper." She was originally going to have her own episode, but it's unknown why that idea was flushed.
The Silly Signal, one of her most powerful inventions, was originally built to make her Muttmatics smarter, but instead, it made them act silly! She realized she had the ultimate weapon to use against SHUSH, and so used the Silly Signal on SHUSH agents to make them act like twits. Even J. Gander Hooter was not safe! Fortunately, SHUSH labs has found a cure for the Silly Signal, which is apparently classified.
Anna gives her Muttmatics battery yummies as treats when they do a good job for her.

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