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NAME: Morris Beagleman

A.K.A.: N/A


OCCUPATION: Former F.O.W.L. accountant gone turncoat for SHUSH.

HOBBIES: ... He's an accountant. That's all we know.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Can use his handheld adding machine to multiply, divide, add, or subtract any object (quite literally); advanced mathematical skills.

PROBLEM-SOLVING: Mr. Beagleman handles everything like a math problem, but not so much that it corrupts his common sense. Actually, he has quite a bit of common sense, which is evident in the fact that he defected from F.O.W.L. after his adding machine was zapped by an experimental duplicator ray, and when he discovered its awesome power - anyone could see that such a machine did not belong in the wrong hands.

MOTIVATION: Beagleman is not evil, though he has worked for F.O.W.L. He probably worked for them only because the pay was good. Other than that, he's a decent guy with morals and values, not to mention he's also pretty brave.

PERSONALITY: He may seem a little rough around the edges, but Beagleman's always ready to work for the greater good. Though he's usually more of a thinker than a do-er, he is never afraid of doing. He seems pretty experienced with life due to his age, so he's not easily surprised, nor is he intimidated or made skeptical by the unusual. You might say he's been around.

NOTABLE TIDBITS: Beagleman helped Darkwing defeat Steelbeak by using his adding machine with an accountant's most powerful weapon: an audit! This made Steelbeak shrink to a lilliputian size.

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