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Flapping Terror: The Website that Gets Dangerous

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NAME: Bushroot

A.K.A.: Dr. Reginald Bushroot

NICKNAMES: Reggie, Reggie the Veggie, Bush-Lips, Melon Head, Bushy

OCCUPATION: Former botanist turned supervillain criminal.

HOBBIES: Caring for his fellow flora by any means necessary; working for the Fearsome Five; finding friends, or making his own.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Telepathically linked to plant-life, advanced knowledge of biological science, enhanced rejuvenal system, ability to produce pollen.

PROBLEM-SOLVING: Bushroot usually doesn't deal with a problem head-on, but gets his plant allies to cover the action while he does the brainwork. Placed under pressure, however, he doesn't do too well. When forced to deal with something he can easily avoid otherwise, his pluck wilts, and he becomes helpless and vulnerable. This especially goes for when his "friends" aren't there to help him. He can overcome this vulnerability through resentment, a product of his self-loathing, which later evolves into anger. This anger is spontaneous and somewhat dampers his better judgment, though this hinderance is masked by feelings of superiority through victimization. It is this false superiority that causes Bushroot to become vengeful and take harsh action towards a problem he is faced with. His vulnerability becomes further hidden by sarcasm. Bushroot will grow to his absolute worst if you harm someone near and dear to him.

MOTIVATION: Attention, positive or negative, but mostly positive. Deep down, all Reginald Bushroot really wants is a friend who will understand him, and help him grow to his full potential. His ideal companion would be a romantic partner he can love and care for with all his heart, someone he will protect to the bitter end. If not a romantic partner, he'll settle for a compatible soul mate with average intelligence. Most importantly, he desires someone who will appreciate him for who he is, and return his feelings with the same energy he gives them.

PERSONALITY: In Bushroot's case, the best way to describe him is an unkempt garden; wild, weedy, and full of thorns and poison ivy. Only he knows that underneath it all is a beautiful flowerbed waiting to be discovered, cared for, and loved. Just be wary, for those who deal with him - although he means well in what he does, keep in mind that his timid nature encourages his more villainous tendencies to shine through when he isn't sure of himself. Even if there is a flowerbed down there, you're gonna have to pick out some weeds.

NOTABLE TIDBITS: When Bushroot gets really angry, a mushroom cloud of pollen will rise from his petals.
Speaking of mushrooms, although Bushroot should only be able to control plants, he has often been seen planting seeds that sprout mushrooms. A product of his research, or a plothole derived from a writer who flunked in biology? You decide.
Also speaking of pollen, Bushroot's pollen killed his "bride," Posie the vampire russet potato. Apparently, Bushroot is a Lyceum nycanthropus plant, whose pollen is the only thing that can defeat such a beast. Of course, you have to say "potato backwards" while sprinkling the pollen, too. I wonder what might have happened if this step had been left out when Posie was being killed? Would there have been little Lyceum nycanthropus tater-tots running around?! 0_0

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