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NAME: Darkwing Duck

A.K.A.: Drake Mallard

NICKNAMES: Drakey, Drake the Dweeb, Drakester, Drakeroony, DW, Dark, Wingy, Honeywumpus.

OCCUPATION: Masked vigilante and avenger of justice; single suburban father of one rambunctious daughter.

HOBBIES: Foiling felons, crushing crime, and getting dangerous.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Quack-Fu expert, eye for detail, quick mental and physical reflexes, unorthodox yet logical.

PROBLEM-SOLVING: Darkwing will usually think a situation through before acting upon an idea to tackle it. He tends to miss blatantly obvious problems or solutions due to his melodramatic flair; by paying attention to the most seemingly insignificant details, he appears to be brilliant (in his own mind, anyway). His acts of flamboyance can result in making him look clumsy, stupid, or unsure of himself, and therefore laughable in the eyes of others; or, as another possibility, a pompous jerk. His ego feeds on publicity, which can damper his better judgement and therefore bring about the same results. When Darkwing realizes how much he's screwed up on something, an extreme feeling of guilt takes over, which can either (A) further damper his judgement and put him in a state of helplessness, (B) eventually motivate him to fix up the mess he's made with a vengeance, or (C) result in possiblity A, then evolve into possibilty B. It would take a lot on his part to fish himself out of possibility A, so it takes someone else to help him build up his confidence again, otherwise he'll simply sink further into a depressed stupor.

MOTIVATION: It is unclear as to what really drives Drake Mallard to don the Darkwing costume. One episode of the TV show reveals that he, in a rather unique way, inspired himself to become a hero. But even before that, Drake had fantastic visions of grandeur in the justice department. What could have inspired those visions? As a child, he was a constant victim of peer pressure, and was labeled a social outcast at school, turning to comic books, like "Super Pig," for an outlet of his emotions. This resulted in his dream of becoming a hero, naturally, but the real mystery is how he became such a loner to begin with. One piece of the puzzle is the fact that we know Darkwing never wanted to be a loner, nor does he ever want to be one in the future, with the way he shows himself off. He WANTS to be in the spotlight, surrounded by many adoring fans. The problem is that he overdoes things, he's desperate, which leads us back to question of WHY? Perhaps that is one case that will never be solved, unless Darkwing himself reveals the answer.

PERSONALITY: In the real world, our hero has a whole legion of fans within a large range. Some like his intriguing, courageous nature as Darkwing. Some like the fact that he's a great father (and with a ball of energy like Gosalyn for a daughter, I'd say he was a great father, too!) as Drake Mallard. And then there are some who see his charm in both sides, and love him for that. There are many more facets, however, to the diamond that is this duck. He hides under a dull shimmer in the shadows, and masks himself in scratches, his flaws. He claims to be the most beautiful jewel, but in reality, nobody would buy him if they saw him in a shop window. It takes those who understand what is on the inside of him to file down his ego, and to bring his shining secrets into the light.

NOTABLE TIDBITS: Darkwing's entrance lines have semi-definite themes to them. One theme is to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies by describing himself as something scary ("I am the switch that derails your train!"). Another theme is to describe himself as something annoying ("I am the itch you cannot reach!"). And still another theme is describing himself as an appliance to justice or as a hinderance to injustice ("I am the jailer who throws away the key!").

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