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Flapping Terror: The Website that Gets Dangerous

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NAME: Gosalyn Waddlemeyer Mallard

A.K.A.: Gosalyn the Great, Pretty Poison, The Crimson Quackette, The Quiverwing Quack

NICKNAMES: Gos, Gossie

OCCUPATION: Fourth-grader, Drake's daughter, Darkwing's would-be protege.

HOBBIES: Tagging along with Darkwing (especially when she isn't supposed to), hanging with her best friend Honker, playing sports and video games, watching horror flicks, reading comic books, pulling pranks, getting into trouble.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Athletic, highly energetic, imaginative, quick-witted, surprisingly strong.

PROBLEM-SOLVING: With problems that require immediate attention, Gosalyn thinks and acts quickly, but not necessarily with the best judgment, which is why she often finds herself in even the most unusual predicaments. But hey, what do you expect? She's nine years old! She often pries her way out of situations using her natural charms, knowing her strong personality has a certain affect on people. Emotional problems run high for Gosalyn as well, but physical and mental stimuli provide an outlet for her as she deals with them in the long run; and from her love of sports and her tomboyish ways, one can tell that her outlets especially emphasize the physical.

MOTIVATION: The most important thing to Gosalyn is being loved and appreciated. If she acts overly hyper and playful, it's done with good intentions, even if she knows she'll be grounded for it later. She wants to stand out from the rest and not just be another ordinary kid whom adults spit on and mock. Gosalyn is proud to be who she is, even if she is a trouble-maker.

PERSONALITY: Like the "Little Girl Blue" lullabye states, inside of Gosalyn lies a rainbow, and not just the arming code to the Waddlemeyer Ramrod. Because she has lost so many loved ones in such a short time, she feels empty and somehow distanced from others despite her friendly and inviting nature. To fill this emptiness, she wants to experience every spectrum life has to offer, to see every shade and color of life's rainbow. She therefore resents any restrictions or limitations imposed upon her that might prevent her from getting what she wants, which could easily be mistaken for acting like a spoiled brat. This would explain why Gosalyn is so quick to disobey her father and otherwise break a few rules. She achieves satisfaction through her hobbies, but is continually restless and emotionally withdrawn (she thrives on people's confidence in her, therefore she is not quick to show weakness), so she never sticks to one thing alone. She is almost always preoccupied with anything providing stimulation, usually those activities of an intensely exciting nature or those that promise some kind of fulfillment in the end. Gosalyn hopes to gain appreciation by tackling life's many challenges without fear, and to avoid criticism for her actions she lays down the charm nice and thick. After all, who would not be charmed by a rainbow with so many colors, stretched over so much sky, seemingly without end? She is the embodiment of "Let's get dangerous."

NOTABLE TIDBITS: We never find out what happened to Gosalyn's biological parents. All we know is that they died, according to Gosalyn. She seems to talk about her grandfather more than her parents, which may indicate she never really got to know her mother and father. Even Taurus Bulba stated that Gosalyn was practically raised in Prof. Waddlemeyer's lab.
Gosalyn's favorite video game character is Whiffle Boy, and she often competes against her father to see who the better player is. Surprisingly, Drake loves video games as much as his daughter does and is a fierce competitor!

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