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Flapping Terror: The Website that Gets Dangerous

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NAME: Launchpad McQuack

A.K.A.: Darkwing Decoy, Agent Double-O Duck

NICKNAMES: LP, Lunchpail

OCCUPATION: Expert aviator, mechanic, and crasher, Darkwing Duck's sidekick

HOBBIES: Flying airplanes, assisting Darkwing, eating.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Advanced knowledge of various transportation vehicles, advanced knowledge of flight methods.

PROBLEM-SOLVING: Launchpad has a lot of adventuring experience, so there's really nothing he can't handle (if you don't count Morgana, anyway!). He is able to assess the basics of a situation before charging it head-on, but not usually in an aggressive manner unless it involves innocent people or loved ones.

MOTIVATION: Launchpad is just a friendly, helpful guy. It makes him feel good to do good, especially when he's recognized for it. He will always "aim to please" and make people happy. Of course, you shouldn't figure him to be the type who doesn't get jealous or hold a grudge. He's only human, err, avian, after all.

PERSONALITY: Launchpad's knack of stating the obvious comes in handy to the usually oblivious and detail-oriented Darkwing Duck (even if DW won't admit it and is often annoyed by it). He's a simple-minded fellow who's very casual and laid-back, but very loyal, hard-working, and lovable. He likes attention, but his modesty puts a rein on just how much attention he can handle - in other words, while he enjoys the spotlight now and then, he doesn't mind relaxing in the background. But who needs a spotlight when you're always a shining light of optimism, and on occasion, wisdom? Even if he does crash every vehicle he's ever piloted.

NOTABLE TIDBITS: Launchpad is pretty fearless on the whole, but when it comes to Morgana, her family, her familiars, or anything else that's really creepy, he's a total chicken! Another thing he's especially scared of is spiders. He once freaked out and stepped on Archie without realizing it was him!

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