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NAME: Megavolt

A.K.A.: Elmo Sputterspark


OCCUPATION: Highschool drop-out with amnesia turned psychotic supervillain.

HOBBIES: Being part of the Fearsome Five, liberating lightbulbs from "slavery," robbing banks, taking over the power company, hanging out with his pal Quackerjack.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Advanced knowledge in science, mathematics, electrophysics,and technology; able to control electricity and anything that runs on it.

PROBLEM-SOLVING: Megavolt handles situations in a variety of ways - when he's desperate or angry, he'll go all out or withdraw entirely. Otherwise, he'll think things through at "lightning" speed, then set about solving the problem with tact and precision.

MOTIVATION: As Elmo Sputterspark, all he wanted was to use his genius for the greater good. However, people like the highschool bully, Ham String, angered him for not respecting his gifts. Turning into Megavolt eventually made him forget the reason he was angry, and misguided anger can be a dangerous thing. Of course, Megavolt didn't forget his vast scientific knowledge, and goes about setting goals for himself to channel his anger at the world, such as "freeing" lightbulbs, or building a giant electromagnet. What puzzles me is this: was his anger in his previous life so deep that it influenced him to use criminal means to fulfill these goals? Or is it just the electricity frying his brain?

PERSONALITY: Our favorite electric rodent tends to be angry, as I've said. He's also the answer to Darkwing's melodramatic superhero as a melodramatic (albeit pyschotic) supervillain. Amazingly, he knows he's crazy, and he's proud of that. He's also a bit absent-minded at times because the electricity that flows through him gives him continuing memory loss, plus he's a socially ignorant nerd - but a loveable socially ignorant nerd. Megavolt has a lot of appeal with Darkwing fans because he's so much like a lightbulb-- he really shines.

NOTABLE TIDBITS: Megavolt was Drake Mallard's classmate in highschool! Naturally, they had their first encounter as hero and villain around this time, too. While Drake was dubbed "Drake The Dweeb," young Elmo Sputterspark was a science nerd particularly interested in electricity. Ham String, the school bully (accompanied by his girlfriend, Preena Lott), was the one responsible for tying Elmo to his invention that turned him into a living battery: a carpet static electricity generator, built from a treadmill. Elmo was stuck for fifteen minutes before the machine exploded. He was pretty much okay until he touched a doorknob, which electrocuted him and messed up his hairdo. In anger, he zapped the door into ashes. It was then that he decided to get revenge on those who tormented him, rather than use his newfound powers for entertainment at cocktail parties.

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