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NAME: Morgana Macawbre

A.K.A.: "The Bane of Every DW-Fangirl's Existence."

NICKNAMES: Morg, Morgy-Worgy, Honeywumpus.

OCCUPATION: Sorceress-in-training who attends Eldritch Academy, and part-time entrepreneur.

HOBBIES: Practicing the magic arts, flirting with Darkwing, making business deals, cooking for Darkwing (without realizing his tastes are vastly different from her own).

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Somewhat advanced magical skills and knowledge, skilled negotiator.

PROBLEM-SOLVING: Morgana usually charms her way through situations using her attractive face and body, her sultry voice, and her negotiational skills. But when that doesn't work, she either gets angry, or she loses direction and switches into panic mode (this often takes a toll on her ability to use magic properly). She seems to focus better on a problem when Darkwing is with her or involved.

MOTIVATION: The divine Miss M. does what she does mainly for herself or for her beloved "Dark." For example, in Ghoul of My Dreams, she comitted robberies merely to pay off her student loans; and in Hot Spells, she walked through Beelzebub's territory to rescue Darkwing. As Morgana isn't a "Normal," she does not seem truly interested in Normal Society's greater good unless it serves her a purpose. However, it is because she is not quite a "Monster" either that she has the ability to understand Normals and their ideals. That would explain her capacity to love Darkwing (aside from the fact that he is unusual for a Normal).

PERSONALITY: What turns so many female fans of DW off about Morgana is her incredible dependency on Darkwing and her enigmatic personality: one minute she's a helpless damsel, the next an overbearingly dominant witch, and the next a smoldering, seductive temptress. While Morgana is sexy, beautiful, and a creepily good match for DW, she proves to be rather incompetent at times; she tends to be overly-modest and has little confidence in her abilities. (In this sense, Darkwing is a good balance for her because of his large ego and overconfidence.) However, Morgana does have her good points that others often miss. She's enterprising and risk-taking, qualities that are important to a businesswoman such as herself. Plus, she's incredibly strong-willed... but if only she could use it for the right things, rather than zapping everyone who sets off her short temper. She's incredibly unpredictable, a mystery that Darkwing takes pleasure in trying to solve.

NOTABLE TIDBITS: Many people tend to disagree on the spelling of Morgana's surname. Various spellings include: McCawber, Macawber, MacAwber, McAwber, etc. My personal spelling preference is "Macawbre," because: (A) Morgana's surname is a re-spelling of the word "macabre," which means "including gruesome details of death and decay," and (B) her name sounds like it should contain the word Macaw, which is a type of parrot. This expresses Morgana's exotic nature. Not even the people at Disney can agree on the proper spelling, which is why I have chosen my spelling over all others.
As every good sorceress does, Morgana has familiars to aid her. Specifically, she has three familiars: Eek and Squeak (a pair of bats), and a spider named Archie. Eek and Squeak look exactly alike, except Squeak's tongue always hangs out of his mouth. When they aren't flying around, they hitch a ride in Morgana's hair! Archie prefers to sit on Morgana's shoulder, usually hiding under her collar.

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