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NAME: Negaduck

A.K.A.: Lord Negaduck, possibly Drake Mallard

NICKNAMES: Negaducky, Negs, Negsy.

OCCUPATION: Darkwing Duck's evil opposite and sadistic criminal mastermind from the Negaverse, leader of the Fearsome Five.

HOBBIES: Collecting weaponry and using them on other people, rearing attack dobermans, amassing large sums of money and such things of value.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Advanced knowledge of weaponry, explosives, burglary, robbery, torture, arson, etc.; expert chainsaw-wielder; able to guess Darkwing's every move down to the smallest detail.

PROBLEM-SOLVING: Negaduck always makes a thorough plan before proceeding with whatever goal he has in mind. If anything at all gets in the way, he's bound to rid himself of it with brute force or wanton violence. If that doesn't work, he'll run away cackling. His emotions are rather extreme due to his dominant mindset. Having no control over a situation will cause him to panic, and instead of cackling, he'll be running away screaming. (Okay, maybe not screaming, but I'm trying to make a point here, okay?)

MOTIVATION: Destruction, money, power, and causing others pain are the most frequent goals for Negaduck. Death is yet another one, but this motivation does not pop up as much as the others. Negaduck is evil personified, with Darkwing's template personality. More motivators include boosting his ego, and lust, the latter of which we see in "My Valentine Ghoul" as he puts the moves on Morgana. Even if he did just need her to help him in his latest crime, it's obvious that he fancies himself to be quite the ladies man.

PERSONALITY: Negaduck loves power above all else: power in material worth, power of property, and power over people and their lives. He will do anything for power, no matter how much he has already. He sees Darkwing Duck as his only true threat, and will do anything to humiliate, break, ruin, or kill him. He works alone or with the Fearsome Five, composed of Megavolt, Quackerjack, Bushroot, and Liquidator, whom he calls "knobs" when they're incompetent (which is very often). He hates anything cute, cuddly, or sweet. He especially hates the Cute Little Lost Bunnies. He'll whip out a gun and shoot any cute animal he sees with reckless abandon. If you thought Megavolt and Quackerjack were crazy, Negaduck is the King of Crazy. In fact, he's beyond crazy, he's a bloodthirsty psychotic! And if he's not acting like a bloodthirsty psychotic, he is at the very least a greedy, manipulative jerk. Still, many Negaduck fans believe he has the capacity to change, or at least the capacity to love, somewhere deep down in that tortured soul of his. If only we knew what made him the way he is now, maybe we'd find the key to this...

NOTABLE TIDBITS: Negaduck's origin is something of a mystery. In our first look at him, Darkwing was separated into two ducks: his good side, composed of positrons, and his evil side, composed of negatrons. (Trons, according to Gosalyn, are the building blocks of good and evil, and have nothing to do with the Disney movie "Tron.") When Darkwing's evil side was galvanized with Megavolt's tron-splitter, he became an evil energy being named Negaduck. Of course, Darkwing was put back together in the end, not any different than before. The Negaduck we know and love (to hate) then appeared as the leader of the Fearsome Five, and still later we find out he's Darkwing's double from the Negaverse, a universe supposedly opposite to Darkwing's. In a still later episode, we hear this crazy story that Darkwing and Negaduck are identical cousins from another planet who were rocketed to Earth just before their planet exploded... but we can assume that this is a load of crock, because the rest of the story tells completely different stories about how Darkwing met Gosalyn and Launchpad. But even if we assume Negaduck is really from the Negaverse, what was with that galvanized Evil Darkwing? And how did Negaduck become a criminal, anyway?
What boggles the mind even further is that in the Negaverse, Negaduck lives with a violent Nega-Launchpad, and a sugary-sweet Nega-Gosalyn. How did Negs end up with them, anyway?

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