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NAME: Quackerjack

A.K.A.: N/A


OCCUPATION: Former toy-maker turned supervillain criminal.

HOBBIES: Manufacturing weapons in the forms of toys; working for the Fearsome Five; wreaking havoc by himself or with his pal, Megavolt.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Acrobatic; advanced knowledge in weaponry, demolition, and technological development; witty; inventive; creative

PROBLEM-SOLVING: To Quackerjack, a problem is merely yet another challenge on the board game of life. Bad roll of the dice? No problem. He just sits back, laughs, and enjoys the ride. Either that, or he'll release a spring-a-ling on you. He always has a trick up his sleeve to throw at the opponent before bouncing away on his pogo-stick. The joke will be on him, however, should you manage to have a trick up your sleeve he couldn't second-guess. If you really want to get to him, though, you could always stoop to the childish act of utterly embarrassing him. (Hey, it worked for Paddywhack.) Just be careful: humiliation is just as much of a weapon to him as it is a weakness. There's a reason he dresses like a jester, or "the king's fool."

MOTIVATION: Originally, Quackerjack wanted revenge on the video game Whiffle Boy, because it put the Quackerjack Toys company out of business. Quackerjack has a strong grudge against all video games because of this, claiming they'll "rot your brains." Nowadays, he's into crime for the money, to have fun, and to get people to buy his toys. Even if half of them could land you in the emergency room. But if you really want to get down to it, all Quackerjack really wanted was to make people happy with his toys, children especially. Making people happy is the goal in the heart of any true clown (even though Quackerjack is more of the type of clown to give you nightmares). That goal is just clouded by his insanity most of the time, and it sometimes shines through on the show.

PERSONALITY: Everyone sums up Quackerjack in two words: he's nuts. But I don't think that's quite accurate. Personally, I think the whole Whiffle Boy thing made him suffer a psychological breakdown, which would explain why he'd think of selling his dangerous array of plaything-weaponry to the public. Other than that, he's a tad sadistic, a prankster, and very energetic. He seems to "let his hair down" around the rest of Fearsome Five, so it's possible that his more wild antics are a defense mechanism... but what would cause a person to react so violently under pressure? That mystery is about as unknown as Quackerjack's real name, which he has never told anyone. Perhaps that is connected to the secret of his past...

NOTABLE TIDBITS: In the episode where Quackerjack meets Paddywhack, Quacky is sucked into Paddy's jack-in-the-box. During this sequence, we see Quacky without his hat for the first time. He's a cueball!
Quackerjack loves to annoy Megavolt by calling him Sparky. Megavolt really, REALLY hates that nickname.
Quackerjack is best friends with Megavolt, and they make "an electrifying team." Megavolt sees crime as a means to an end, while Quackerjack likes to have fun with breaking the law. Thus, Quacky tends to be a bit more wild and spontaneous than Megsy, making it up to Megavolt to put a bit of a leash on him. However, Megavolt sees the ingenuity in most of Quackerjack's ideas; Quacky's creative nature allows him to come up with capers he would have never been able to think of. Quackerjack, on the other hand, sees Megavolt is much smarter than he is, and therefore just the right person to help bring his ideas into reality. Plus, the two of them are totally insane, and they love to revel in their insanity together. This unusual chemistry between the two supervillains has intrigued many a Darkwing fan.
It is revealed in "Jail Bird" that, contrary to popular belief, Quackerjack has a real super-power: wackiness. This is proven when Negaduck transforms into Mega-Negaduck using the Eye of Quackzecoatl; Quacky's wackiness is absorbed by the monster, turning Quacky into a sad and weepy version of his former self. This is surprisingly similar to the "Bonkers" episode "The Toon that Ate Hollywood," in which toons had their senses of humor stolen from them with a ray gun, rendering them sad and weepy.

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