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NAME: Dr. Rhoda Dendron

A.K.A.: N/A


OCCUPATION: Scientist of unspecified field employed at Saint Canard University's Scientific Reasearch Lab #356, former co-worker and colleague of Reginald Bushroot.

HOBBIES: Unknown.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Advanced knowledge of... whatever field she's in.

PROBLEM-SOLVING: The lovely Miss Dendron uses her developed reasoning skills to figure out or find her way out of a situation. She's very practical, but understanding. If reasoning fails, she's lost. She's very forward and adamant about defending others, but is useless in defending herself.

MOTIVATION: When she was helping and protecting Bushroot, her only motivation in doing so was simply how much she cared about him. As far as anything else goes, we really have no idea why Rhoda does what she does.

PERSONALITY: Rhoda is an attractive avian, and she knows it. However, she certainly isn't vain or selfish, though she may use her good looks (paired up with her no-nonsense attitude) to get her way. Others may claim otherwise with her refusal to marry Bushroot, and the way she reacted upon first seeing his mutation, but in reality she was only acting out of fear for her life and well-being. It is evidenced that she does not fear Bushroot, but rather, what he has become. She feels sorry for him and realizes just how much of an emotional and mental state he's in. Sadly, we know nothing more about Rhoda Dendron. If we did, perhaps we'd know if she was meant to be with Bushroot after all.

NOTABLE TIDBITS: Rhoda didn't like Dr. Gary or Dr. Larson at all, whether they were tormenting Bushroot or sucking up to Dean Tightbill.

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