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NAME: Steelbeak

A.K.A.: ???

NICKNAMES: Steelie, Beaky, Chrome Lips

OCCUPATION: Chief Agent of F.O.W.L. (Fiendish Organization for World Larceny).

HOBBIES: World domination, international terrorism, womanizing, polo, bowling, and playing cards.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Special steel-plated beak allows him to chomp through almost any solid object; physically strong; advanced knowledge of weaponry and weapons-technology.

PROBLEM-SOLVING: Steelbeak is calm and cool in almost any given situation, even to the point where he's sarcastic and joking. He'll always send out a few waves of Eggmen - his personal henchmen - before tackling an obstacle himself. Not that he minds doing the dirty work, but hey, he's the one wearing the smoking white jacket! Even when using brute force, Steelbeak is calculated, suave and smooth with every move he makes. However, he is not one to expect the unexpected, and he knows it, which is why he tries to plan ahead as much as possible. If so much as one thing goes wrong, his seldom-seen temper flares up. When he runs out of options, he runs away until he figures out what to do next, which doesn't take very long. Being the cocky rooster he is, Steelbeak doesn't give up until he and his pride both fall.

MOTIVATION: Money and power. Steelbeak is one of the richest criminals in all of Saint Canard, and he didn't get to that point by being honest. As long as he has F.O.W.L. High Command's approval, he's got it made in the shade. Too bad Darkwing is making things difficult for him!

PERSONALITY: Chummy, charming, and friendly, Steelbeak has the demeanor of a sleazy pick-up artist and a class clown combined. Speaking of class, he has a lot of that, too. It takes a bit of thought to realize that Steelbeak is a very mysterious character. Not once on the show has his real name been mentioned, nor do we ever find out why he was given a metal beak. Also, despite his posh lifestyle, he's not a snob, and he's got the accent and mannerisms of an Italian New-Yorker: traits not commonly found in wealthy cartoon characters. All I can say is, Steelie must have one heck of a past to be where he is today. But we won't know for sure unless someone decides to spill a secret or two...

NOTABLE TIDBITS: Steelbeak wears boxers with chicken drumsticks printed on them.
Steelie reveals in "The Steerminator" that F.O.W.L. gave him his metal beak, but he doesn't mention why.

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