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The Super Secret Drake Mallard Fan Girl Shrine

WARNING: Fan boys might find this sickening. If you are a guy, turn around right now. Unless you feel like LOL'ing.

Well, it's no secret that I love Drake Mallard. It's also no secret that many other fan girls do, too! So I made this little page to acknowledge that love, and to show others just why we love that cartoon duck so much... despite the threat of Morgana Macawbre's wrath!

Why We Love This Duck

Okay, anyone interested in knowing why we love Drake? Well, here ya go. E-mail me if you want to send in your reasons!

Melissa Says: "I love Drake Mallard because... well, there are a lot of reasons! I find his egotistical ways amusing. He's extremely brave to put on the mask and cape and to put his life on the line, even when he's sorely under-appreciated by the citizens he's sworn to protect. He's extremely expressive and dramatic, which I find adorable. He's also very romantic, witty, and intelligent. He's got amazing physical skills: has anyone seen him run obstacle courses? I mean, look at that! Sure, he isn't perfect, but he's pretty darn good! As if that weren't enough, he's a black belt in Quack-Fu! I also find him to be rather - dare I say it? - handsome for an anthropomorphic duck. But I think the biggest reason I love Drake so much is because of the nature of his heart: he cares a lot about his friends and family, and he's even got a soft spot for the occasional villain (though it's often masked by his pride). He's a wonderful father to Gosalyn, too. I mean, she's such a little fireball, and Drake still manages to keep his head and discipline her properly. And he's so incredibly loving and sweet to her. If I could find a husband who would be as good a father as Drake is, I'd be the happiest woman alive. Yeah, this may all sound pretty obsessive, but hey, this is how I honestly feel. It's no different than, say, those grown men out there who had a thing for Betty Rubble from the Flintstones when they were kids. Ladies and gentlemen, I love Drake 'Darkwing Duck' Mallard - the end."

Roaming Tigress Says: "I am well-known for my obsession with that no-good scoundrel Steelbeak, but I do have a soft spot for Drake. Like it or not, I'm going to spend a moment babbling about why I like -- no, love -- the terror that flaps in the night.
"Drake is a truly lovable character, and a fascinatingly realistic one at that. I feel he is a character everyone can relate to as he isn't perfect or sugar coatedly good. Drake does show his temper, and sometimes things don't go the way he originally wanted them to. He sometimes overreacts just as anyone can, and is well-known for being territorial among other crime fighters even if they do end up helping him out in a tough situation. In a way, he becomes a villain in preforming vigilantism, and has an ego larger than himself. Yet, under all those 'faults' he has a genuinely good heart. He is truly dedicated to his family, friends, duty and the protection of St. Canard. Darkwing could easily just let the authorities with the crimes themselves, but he likes to get dangerous and get the job done himself. Under that tenacious exterior lies a caring, warmhearted duck who is just about impossible to not love.
"Often when I'm in a depressed mood, I'll pop in one of my well-worn Darkwing tapes. More often than not, our masked mallard gives me a good laugh just by being himself.
"That, my friends, is the reason I love Drake. Long live the terror that flaps in the night!"

The Darkwing Guardians

Don't we all feel like biting our fingernails when something bad happens to Drake? Being a superhero can be a very risky business, y'know! So why not become a Guardian? For example, you can guard his hat, his beak, his mask, his sweater... whatever you feel comfortable with, but you can only pick one thing. E-mail me for your guardianship request to have your name on this list! Remember, first come, first serve! Also feel free to suggest other things that can be guarded.

  • Mask: Melissa
  • Cape: Rachel
  • Hat: Roaming Tigress
  • Jacket: ???
  • Turtleneck: ???
  • Sweater-Vest (civilian outfit): ???
  • Shirt (civilian outfit): ???
  • Gas Gun: ???
  • Gas Canister: ???
  • Buzz-Saw Cufflinks: L.R. Antolovich
  • Infra-Pink Ultra-Scan Specs: ???
  • Magnifying Glass: ???
  • 200-Horsepower Thing-Cutter: ???
  • Beak: ???
  • Eyes: Megs83
  • Feathers: ???

    Tokens of Affection

    We may not be able to meet Darkwing in real life, but if we could, and you wanted to give him a present (as a symbol of your undying devotion), what would you give him? Check out the list below to see what others have said! If you have an idea for a present, e-mail me with (A) what you'd like to give to him, and (B) why you chose that present. You may only choose one present, and it can't be something someone else already picked.

  • Melissa would give him a subscription to the Sharper Image catalogue, because we all know how much he loves inventions, gadgets, and doohickeys.

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