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Flapping Terror: The Website that Gets Dangerous

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Hey, how did you find this page?! Oh, well. Since you're here anyway, allow me to introduce the secret page directory... well, it's not really a directory, actually. It's the index page for the secret page section. There is more than one secret page out there, and chances are you got here after stumbling onto one of them and then playing with the address bar. You must be a real sleuth!

Okay, sleuth, here's a challenge for you: since you found this page, click here to e-mail us, and tell us you found "the SHUSH page." You must also tell us what other secret pages you have found. We'll then send you clues as to where the other secret pages can be found. When you find ALL the pages (and be honest!) we'll send you a nice surprise!

Good luck!
Melissa, Honorary SHUSH Director

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