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Flapping Terror: The Website that Gets Dangerous

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May 2004 - October 2004

October 27th, 2004
Oh. My. Goodness. TWO months without an update?! What kind of webmistress am I?! Bad Melissa! Bad, bad Melissa! No chocolate milkshakes for you!
*turns to Quackerjack* Hey, Quacky, bash my head with a mallet, wouldja? *braces herself*
OW...! OoH, lOoK aT aLl ThE tWeEtInG bIrDiEs... HeE-hEe...
*shakes head* Ugh... Anyway folks, the Flapping Terror awards obviously didn't happen. And they may never happen this year, so I'm sorry to disappoint all of you. Maybe next year. I've been real busy with college and stuff, and sadly, that must come first.
In other news... Flapping Terror is now a whole year old! That's right! September 17th 2004 was our first birthday! *blows a party horn and throws confetti* I just might make a page to commemorate this event... even if it IS long belated.
In other news, I've got a LOT of fan art to add to the site, so if you sent me an e-mail, don't worry! I haven't forgotten about your submission! And feel free to keep sending them in! But if you send me an e-mail and it doesn't go through, please send your fan art, fan fiction and other stuffies to: OR

You'd Think Webmistresses Would Be More Punctual... - *~Melissa~*

July 20, 2004
Added 41 pictures to the fan art section! Keep 'em coming, everybody! ^_^ I could also use other contributions as well. Look around the site and see what you can give me. I'd be very grateful... and it'll ensure your chances of becoming a Flapping Terror Awards nominee.
Speaking of the Flapping Terror Awards, the date has been narrowed down to September 11th (most likely not because it may be in poor taste), or September 18th; both dates are on a Saturday. The nominees will be announced on Sunday, September 5th. The awards may be held on the Flapping Terror forums or in a chat room. I still haven't decided yet... but it most likely will be at the forum.

I am the Terror that Plans in the Night - *~Melissa~*

July 15, 2004
Hello again, people. I've uploaded 39 pieces of new fan art, but I haven't linked to them yet. I was going to, but then I lost the update just as I was typing it in. >_<; I'll try again tomorrow. (GRR!) In any case, if y'all have some new fan art for me, now would be a good time to start sending it in. I've also added two new links to the Links page.
I've been cleaning up the site and trying to make more room. On that note, I might have to register "doubleoduck3" for the purposes of storing fan art. I'm almost out of room at "doubleoduck2." Should I have to register a new site, half the fan art at "doubleoduck2" will be moved to the new site, and I'll link to both sites from the fansection. I might do something like artist's names A-M and then N-Z.
I have a request to make of you artistic types out there. I need a brand new image for the main page. I know I just put a new one up, but it's not the most professional-looking one I can muster. Basically, I need a colored drawing of Darkwing, Launchpad, Gosalyn, and Honker posing together. Just give me whatever you can come up with, and I can work something out with it to make it suitable for the main page. For those of you who have forgotten my e-mail, it's

I am the Terror that Sleeps in the Afternoon - *~Melissa~*

July 14, 2004
Wak! It's been about two months since my last update! How embarassing! >_<; But don't worry, folks, I've got plenty of stuff coming up for you. I'm taking summer classes and so I've been busy. In the meantime, I've put up a new front page image!
The Flapping Terror Awards have been moved to September. Mark your calenders, folks-- no joke this time!
Sincerely, Your Terror that Flaps - *~Melissa~*

May 22, 2004

Sorry about the horribly long hiatus, folks! Feel free to keep sending in your submissions! We've got a whole bunch of new fan art and quotes, so check that out. If there's anything else I missed, I apologize in advance.
I've got finals coming up this week, so I've been pretty occupied and will probably not update again this month. I'll try to, though. We'll have to play by ear.
The Flapping Terror Awards have to be moved to early June. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, you guys! College is time-consuming, you know.
Also, I'm seriously thinking of moving Flapping Terror to a new domain. The ads on Tripod, plus this new sidebar crapola they've got going on, is driving me bonkers!! ARGH! If someone can either recommend a better server, or give me the $11.95 a month to upgrade my hosting plan, you're welcome to help me out.

I am the Terror that Studies in the Night - *~Melissa~*

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