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feathered femme fatale
Saturday, 18 October 2003
Dreams of the Fearsome Five

I often find myself having dreams about the Fearsome Five (from Darkwing Duck). In January, I had a dream about Negaduck...

I was in Saint Canard, somewhere close to Audubon Bay bridge, and I had a beautiful view of it. (It might have been near Megavolt's lighthouse.) I suddenly find a newspaper on the ground and pick it up. There is an article on a side column, on the front page, about a duck who went psycho five years ago, and there was even a photo of him. He had a mask, and with his expression he looked remarkably like Negaduck! (For some strange reason, he had dark hair.) I put the newspaper down to see Negs himself, with Quackerjack and Megavolt. Negs confirmed to me that he was the guy in the picture. He had gone "looney" before he hit the streets as a criminal. But that doesn't explain the whole Negaverse thing, as I realized later.

Last week, I had a dream about Liquidator...

I was in a strange shop with my Dad, Stepmother, and my two younger sisters. I was looking through t-shirts and old newspapers they were selling. The newspapers seemed to have cartoon drawings on every page, and the t-shirts had cartoons on them as well. The drawings in the papers and the t-shirts had gay sexual themes, often explicit. (Many of the t-shirts had Ninja Turtles on them, O_o) I was flipping thru the newspapers, and I saw what would be best described as a "classic" version of Licky. He was a 40's style cartoon dog who lived underwater. In the pictures he was in, he was "servicing" other male characters, in groups.

I had a dream last night about Megavolt, too...

Megavolt travels to another dimension to discover that his other-dimensional self is a corporate head who is worshipped like a god - so much so, in fact, that several national monuments and landmarks honoring others had been torn down or damaged, most notably, Mount Rushmore. For some reason, this upsets Megavolt greatly, and he sobs while curled up in a fetal position. Suddenly, he is greeted by another version of himself from a slightly different dimension. This version of himself is very cheerful, often speaking in a higher-pitched voice, and for some reason he's wearing a thin red line of lipstick. "Happy" Megavolt cheers our Megsy up and helps him find the Megavolt of the dimension they're currently in. They find him rather quickly... and I don't know what happens after that. I don't even know if any issues presented had been resolved. All I know is that our Megsy eventually went home, waving goodbye to both of his other selves.

I don't remember when I had this dream about Bushroot, but...

This one was particularly nasty. Bushy wasn't a mutant in this one... actually, he was mid-mutant. He looked like his "normal" self with the purple petals on his head from his "mutant" self. For some reason, Darkwing and Gosalyn had arrived at Bushroot's greenhouse, and Bushroot was... do forgive me for this... giddily masturbating to girly magazines, right in front of them. Darkwing had to cover poor Gosalyn's eyes... O_o;

As to any dreams with Quackerjack, I remember having dreams where he appeared on magazine covers, and as a talking doll, and he might have appeared as a wooden decoration at some Disney thing... but that's all I can remember, aside from his appearance in my Negaduck dream. I do know that he's the Fearsome Five member I dream about the most.

Wanna hear a different dream I had? I saw Webbigail Vanderquack (from DuckTales) and... get ready for this... her MOTHER! They were at Disney World, or something that resembled it... if anything it was a very twisted version of a Disney theme park. They even had a rave spot there where if you went, you had to wear razor blades to protect yourself from harmful people.

But back to Webby's mother. She looked like a regular duck (and I mean a Donald Duck-style body when I say that) with long black hair, wearing sunglasses, and she had a dressy brown coat on over her equally dressy outfit. Her clothing style reminded me of my own mother somewhat... but I'm definitely sure that this was Webby's mother in my dream.

My dreams are ka-way-zee!

Posted by doubleoduck at 10:36 AM EDT
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