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feathered femme fatale
Wednesday, 26 November 2003
Oy and vey.

Grr... has any one of you out there ever had a teacher who has absolutely no grasp of the English language? That would be my psychology professor, Tien Doan. All of his students complain about him, but so far I'm one of the only people at my school who's saying anything. I've made multiple complaints about this guy, including one two days ago when I received the grade to my latest psych test: 56. I SO wanted to kill him!! >_< Y'see, all of his tests are based on his lectures, but his accent and speech patterns make it almost impossible to follow them. We're always asking each other in class what the hell the guy's talking about, and then he accuses us of misbehaving. When we ask him to repeat himself, he says we're not paying attention. Man, how clueless is he?! To top it all off, he misspells and mispronounces important names and terms. Hell, he can't even pronounce regular words right! Example: he pronounces the word "juice" as " joo-eese."

Don't get me wrong, Doan's a smart guy, but he's absent-minded and is simply not qualified to teach at all. He teaches at two different schools, too. I don't get why the hell something hasn't been done yet. Well, considering I'm not the only one suffering (just about everybody in his class is getting bad grades), at least something will be done to prevent my failing the psych final. I also hope other students will be spared the difficulties of learning under this guy.

I'm working on a picture of Coach Z and Professor Doan based on the Homestar Runner cartoon titled, "A Jorb Well Done." I'm putting Coach Z in a graduation cap and pointing with a stick at a blackboard, which has "JUICE vs. JOO-EESE" written on it. He's glaring at Doan and saying, "C'mon, man, even I can pronounce this right! Repeat after me: juice."

To which Doan replies: "Joo-eese." To which Coach Z retorts: "Yer a fine piece of work, ya know that?"

We have a new member of the household now, apparently. His name is Jack-Luigi, a miniature Schnauzer. Mom and I found him a few blocks away from our house, dirty and cold. He was wearing a red collar; he now has a new black one. The evening we found him, we were supposed to be babysitting Youngest Aunt's dog, my former Chihuahua. One week later, Charles has gone home, and now it's just Jack-Luigi. He's so well-behaved that it's difficult to tell we have a dog in the house. Plus he's apparently non-allergenic. We think he might be a show dog. He barely gets excited except if he meets new people, or sees pigeons, squirrels, or other dogs. He's content being inside, but he loves going outside. In order to get my @$$ away from the computer, Stepfather has arranged with Mom for me to work under her. I now have to walk Jack for half-an-hour in the morning and when I come home. I get $20 a week. I start out with one sick day, and one vacation day. I have to file for my vacation in advance, just like a real job. Every thirty days, I get another sick day and vacation day. I suppose this setup isn't too bad. I just got back from walking Jack this morning. I'm a bit tired-- I got up a bit early, plus it was a long walk-- but otherwise, I'm okay. But I'm telling you, if this doesn't get Stepfather off my back, he can stick his head up his @$$ where it belongs, because he's been saying very nasty stuff about me. Seriously, he really hurt my feelings last night, calling me a liar and saying I bullsh*t everybody just so I can get my way, and that I always b*tch and moan when someone tells me what to do. I admit to being a little spoiled, but I'm not that bad! I feel really bad that he feels that way about me.

Posted by doubleoduck at 8:17 AM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 26 November 2003 7:23 PM EST
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Wednesday, 26 November 2003 - 3:11 PM EST

Name: beezo
Home Page:

Funny stuff. Even funnier than me. But that's really not that hard to acheive. ;) Gotta go. I'm thirsty for some joo-eese...
BTW, I love the title of this entry.

Wednesday, 26 November 2003 - 7:25 PM EST

Name: Melissa
Home Page:

Your blog is more interactive than mine, at least. I'm jealous. :P ;)

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