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feathered femme fatale
Thursday, 27 November 2003
Ow, my eye! It hurts SO BAD!

Paraphrase of a Stinkoman quote above. Because my eye really does hurt. My left eyelid has been irritated and a bit puffy all day. I don't know what's wrong, but it hurts when I blink and it makes my eye tear up. My eyeball is fine, though. I've also got a pimple in my right nostril. Yes, I know you needed to know that. It's just that it really hurts, especially when my nose moves. And it's a pain in the @$$ to deal with when I'm trying to blow my nose.

Well, I'm no longer angry with Stepfather, nor him me. We're all happy and peppy and bursting with love once again. Yay.

Jack-Luigi got groomed last night. A van came over and these two women spruced him up. He looks terrific! People were complimenting him tons before, but I can only imagine how much he'll be noticed now. Jack's a lot more excitable now, BTW. He was jumping on me when I came home from school on Wednesday, plus he's running around the house a lot more. He's still pretty well-behaved, though. I think he's a lot happier now than he might have been with his previous owners. To tell ya the truth, we think he was abused quite a bit. He used to cower if you approached him the wrong way. Now he's a lot less afraid. I'm glad he's getting the treatment he so richly deserves. ^_^

Oh, I completely forgot to say, "Happy Thanksgiving!" We didn't really celebrate today. We're having guests over on Saturday. I did help myself to some ham with pineapple slices tho-- first time I ever had it, good stuff! The ham was even cooked in pineapple juice! *slurp* Mom also made a very rich macaroni and cheese recipe she got from a friend of hers, and when I say rich, I mean artery-clogging rich. She only let me have a teeny little serving. >:( No fair!

Eldest Aunt's coming over tomorrow. She'll be staying over for dinner on Saturday. Joy of joys. She'll be sleeping on my bedroom floor (at her insistance) that night, so I had to get my rug shampooed. Still waiting for the rug to dry. It's really freakin' cold at my feet. Plus I got the overhead fan goin', so it's really cold in here. I had to keep my door open, which I hate. I like to keep my door closed, and locked. It's a security thing, I dunno.

You know what part of me is always cold? My hands. They're always like ice. Like I'm the living dead. Mom says it's poor circulation. She's probably right, but let's get poetic and say it's the result of my bitter, icy heart. Okay, maybe not, but it was fun to type. And it was fun for you to read, too. Admit it! ;)

Well, I gots to go. I have only seven minutes left on the computer. I'll be updating Flapping Terror soon, too. Bye-sie-bie!

Posted by doubleoduck at 8:53 PM EST
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