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feathered femme fatale
Saturday, 6 September 2003
Super Ice-Cream Lucky! ^o^

Yesterday's classes went fine and dandy. I'm almost done with all my homework due Monday and Tuesday. It's mostly reading, anyway.

Anyway, let me explain the above title for this entry: I wanted a FrozFruit bar from the West Building's ice-cream machine. Instead of giving me one strawberry bar, it gave me two! TWO! I couldn't think of what else to do with the second bar, so I ate it. I could have given it to someone else, but it was morning yet and only someone as crazy as me would have wanted ice-cream that early. -_-;

Today was shweet. I went to two different yard / garage sales and got some kewl stuff: a squeaky Pac-Man toy from 1982, a stuffed-toy Mew keychain, a Twilight Zone comic book, a semi-cheap action figure of Venus di Milo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation, and a plastic replica of one of Raphael's sai. I also went to BJ's with Mom and got three books by Gary Paulsen (The Hatchet and its sequel were great when I was kid!), plus three action figures from the new TMNT series!!

The TMNT figures from BJ's were sold in a three-pac, titled "Shredder's Revenge Set." It came with Leonardo, Donatello, and Shred-head himself. I got them mainly out of sentimental value. You see, I used to own a crapload of TMNT figures based on the original TV show when I was little. But then Dad took them away from me, saying they were his because he bought them and I didn't. Real sensitive fella, huh? Idiot did the same damn thing to my Disney Adventure magazines. Good thing I took the ones I wanted from his house before I stopped talking to him.

Anyway, my new Turtles figures, including Venus, are sitting on my bookshelf. The Set ones are sitting in a display that came with the box. It's made of cardboard and the inside looks like Shredder's lair. I intend on getting the other set at BJ's, which has Michelangelo (my favorite turtle), Raphael, and a Foot Soldier. It's $15, so it may take a while for me to get it, seeing as I have no job (no time, no talent). I have asked Mom to help me buy a new set of shelves, though. That's to help me display all my little toys and stuff. I've got a lot of them because (A) I'm a spoiled brat and (B) I'm a pack-rat. :P

I'm thinking of submitting a guest review to about the Pac-Man toy I bought. If they accept guest reviews, anyway. They like reviewing 80's crap and stuff. Plus I love that website; it's so freakin' funny as hell. I'm probably going to visit it once I'm done with this entry.

I rejoined the Clock Crew today, which is a group on of Flash movie-makers. I can't make Flash, but I love the Crew. I had joined a long time ago, but then I got distracted and didn't speak with them for a while. I reannounced myself today on their BBS at, although I didn't receive much enthusiasm at all. I'm not that surprised as I wasn't around for very long at all to begin with, but it's kind of a let-down too because most of them regarded me as unimportant. Like they were snobby or some sh*t. I was somewhat disillusioned by this because I thought they weren't like that at all. :( Ah, screw it. Since when does anybody REALLY like me, anyway? Not even in real life, man. I must really suck or something...

Posted by doubleoduck at 6:59 PM EDT
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