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feathered femme fatale
Wednesday, 30 July 2003
I'd better get paid for this...

Eldest Aunt had come home during lunchtime from work yesterday. I blew up at her for a reason I can't even remember, but I do know it was all my fault for getting upset. As always. So Eldest Aunt brought me to work for the rest of her hours. I had to scan in pictures for her and start on creating a circle chart.

She says she doesn't want me folding into myself and getting all agitated as I was. So today, she's bringing me into work again. She's the art director at World & I Magazine. This isn't the first time I helped her, though... but the last time, I was paid money. Seems I won't get paid this year...

In six days, I'm going to Rhode Island Ave. in DC to perform with WAIT. We're having a fundraiser and practice on Sunday, too. ANYTHING to get away from Eldest Aunt's office. Ugh...

Posted by doubleoduck at 12:31 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 29 July 2003
This entry has no title, just words and a tune

Well, let me tell you: our performance in Baltimore went extremely well. We went to a church (this wasn't the first time we performed in a church, either; I forgot to mention it here), and there was a fifteen year-old girl there with her mother, speaking about their experience with HIV. The girl's name was Ranika (I think) and her mother gave her HIV when she was born. The mother got her HIV from her first husband, who had infected seven other women before his death. Their story was heartbreaking in the beginning, but now they're doing great for the most part. Ranika is even starting her own fund! I was so inspired by this girl that I drew her portrait and gave it to her. She loved it!

We did our performance after the talk. I played the doctor in our skit (I'll have to explain the whole thing sometime) and did my first emcee job. When we were finished, the church pastor and some other guy sang a hymn. Then the pastor made everybody in the room join hands and he prayed for the WAIT team in our success. Ranika's mom had even given Jappish's mom a check donation! I was so moved by everything that I broke down crying. There is so much love in this world... if only people could be exposed to it more often.

That wasn't the first time I was moved by something so strongly while traveling with WAIT. At Camp Sunrise, we had all kneeled around the flagpole outside for individual prayer. The spiritual energy overwhelmed me and brought me to tears. I was crying so hard, but it was out of joy.

I had my first chat with John Kricfalusi yesterday. We talked for two-and-a-half hours! Cripes! He gave me his number, and he really wants me to call him. He seems very eager to talk to me though... it kind of makes me nervous, to tell you the truth. I still have to talk to mom about calling him. On the up side, he likes my drawings! He says I draw well for my age. He gave me some drawing tips, too. I hope I get to meet him in person. That would kick @$$.

Eldest Aunt and I have had some shaky moments during these past two weeks, but we managed to get past them. Female Cousin has long gone; she went to visit our grandparents and then went back to Korea. I won't see her again until Christmas. She wished me luck at Hunter College. Speaking of which, I'll be home two weeks before school starts. I'm really psyched and scared at the same time. I've been dreaming about college since childhood, and now it's finally happening. I hope I do well.

I'm thinking of Youngest Aunt right now, Eldest Aunt's youngest sister. (My mother is Youngest Aunt's older sister, and Eldest Aunt's younger sister.) Youngest Aunt has been married to my Irish Uncle for almost a year. They know I'm hoping they'll have a baby. They tend to get nervous about that subject! ;) I wonder when we'll finally hear the words, "I'm pregnant," from Youngest Aunt's mouth? I've always wanted her to get married and have a baby. She's got one step down already!

Posted by doubleoduck at 11:59 AM EDT
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Friday, 25 July 2003
And now, the latest Melissa news

I've been drawing some risque pictures that are Ren and Stimpy related. Not porn, mind you. Just... rated R-ish. I don't know why I'm such a pervert with cartoons. I guess it's because of my lack of a love life, and the fact that I'm very much a kid at heart. Doing perverted things with cartoons is my way of making them grow up with me, and it's showing that I myself am having trouble adjusting to growing older... I'm not ashamed to admit that.

Anyway, one picture is of Ren's parents. Their pelvic areas are covered with a blanket, but the rest of them is exposed. I was trying to get a good look at what one of their first "encounters" might have been like. Ren's mom looks a little hesitant, but she is about a few seconds away from being lip-locked with Ren's dad. They're somewhat spaced apart, you see. It's hard to describe what Ren's dad is feeling in this pic. He looks like he really wants her, but not in a lustful way... more like a "I'm going to cry if your heart doesn't give out to mine," kind of way. Meh, but the picture kinda sucks anyway.

The other picture is of Ren smacking Stimpy... but not the usual way. He's kissing his nose! (*smak*) Stimpy's kind of lying down with Ren next to him, though you can't see most of Ren's body, hidden behind Stimpy's. One of Ren's hands is on Stimpy, and the other is on Stimpy's head. Stimpy is looking up at Ren with these large eyes, eyelashes showing, and he's sucking in his lower lip while smiling.

You'd think the above would be a fairly innocent picture, but there's a bulge in Stimpy's fur... a rather large one at that! Hee-hee... It's just that in many of John K.'s non-kiddy drawings, an intense scene with male figures depict a bulge in the guy's pants, whether they're angry, scared, or even barfing. In this case, Stimpy is really happy (among other things) that Ren is showing some tenderness for once. I wanted to experiment a little.

Anyway, I'm performing in Baltimore with WAIT today. Wish me luck!

Posted by doubleoduck at 8:48 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, 25 July 2003 8:49 AM EDT
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Saturday, 19 July 2003
"Of course... I forgot!"

I didn't mention how the trip to Camp Sunrise went, did I? Well, we were in the van for hours, stopping about twice, and as we went thru NY I tried to play the role as tour guide. We stopped at a diner in the middle of nowhere to change into our official WAIT t-shirts, but the morons there wouldn't let us at first because we weren't paying customers. Like, how many customers did they ever get? Three? Dumb@$$es. Anyway, they finally let us in for whatever reason, we changed, and then we arrived at Camp Sunrise. We had dinner and performed our skit just before the camp had their talent show. We were doing a dance to "One Girl Revolution" by Superchick (which is a featured song in "Legally Blonde 2," and I haven't seen it yet) when the CD stopped just after a verse ended. It happened twice. Being in charge of the sound, I was kind of flustered. But we simply cut the act short and moved on.

One of the girls (who I will call Saint) kept shushing me everytime I tried to tell the audience we had technical difficulties, and during the final act when I tried to dance my own way. She had gotten me so mad that I ran off stage in the middle of the act and past the grounds to the parking lot. I was crying out of frustration. But she and the other girls came after the performance was over and calmed me down. They said that this wasn't the first time someone had gone off crying. When I felt better and we all got our things into the cabins we'd be staying in, we attended the talent show. ALL the acts contained references to, or were about, Cheon Il Guk or Reverend Moon. It was kind of annoying for me because they even did variations on my favorite songs... no sir, I didn't like it. But I kept an open mind. A lot of it was actually very good. Lots of comedy and singing.

After using the bathrooms (which have port-a-potty toilets, phew!) I went back to the cabin alone. I then noticed a door in the corner, and realized it was a closet. With some difficulty, I opened it, curious as to what lay within. There was a sink, and in the sink and on shelves of the closet walls were old weathered bars of Kiss My Face brand Olive Oil Soap. I showed this to another girl when she came in, and we tried to show another girl... but that time when I opened the door, a flying squirrel came out! All the other girls freaked out, but not me. I even tried to take a picture of him. But he went back inside the closet, and I closed the door. I was laughing it up about that strange closet for days.

I had trouble getting to sleep that night with all the bugs. I even got a bunch of new mosquito bites. The others probably had trouble too, because I made a remark about the moths in the cabin ("They eat cloth. We're going to wake up naked!") and the chewed up wooden beams that supported the roof ("It's going to fall on us. We'll be naked and covered in planks!"), and the rooms we refused to sleep in and so opted for the porch that shielded by a large bug screen ("Those rooms look like five prison cells. We're in a prison with a view. I smell the opportunity for a ghost story!").

I slept in the next morning. We left the camp after breakfast and took all day to head home. I was SO exhausted I had to go to bed early. We booed at the diner when we passed it.

They still sell Kiss My Face Olive Oil Soap.

Posted by doubleoduck at 8:57 AM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 19 July 2003 9:13 AM EDT
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Thursday, 17 July 2003
One Week Later...

Wow, I haven't written in a long while. Let's see if I can recount what's been going on with me lately. Okay... Female Cousin came home two days ago from Korea, and she gave me presents: a notebook, pens, felt-tip markers, stickers, two jelly pops, a cookie (which I ate last night), and I think that's it. I love 'em, but one of the pens was defective. :p

We went with Female Cousin for a doctor's appointment and some x-rays. She hasn't had medical attention for a whole year! She also hasn't driven during all that time; they wouldn't let her because Korean insurance apparently doesn't cover American drivers. Hmph. Anyway, while Cousin was getting x-rays, I met a 2 1/2 year-old boy who was half-Japanese and half-Caucasian. He was very cute. He kept hiding his toy red bus in "mommy's bag." He spoke Japanese and English, often both in the same sentence. God, I wish I could do that! I always wanted to learn Japanese. Anyway, we went shopping for Cousin after that, and I got a book on how to draw Japanese mechas.

Days before that happened, I've been keeping in touch with John Kricfalusi. I had a story idea for him for Ren and Stimpy... and that's all I will reveal for now. :)

Posted by doubleoduck at 10:09 AM EDT
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Thursday, 10 July 2003
Ren's Parents

I finally got a look at two screenshots from "Ren Seeks Help" of Ren's parents! I am very impressed with their design. Ren's mom is very pretty, much more beautiful than I imagined. She's got this pale fur, a pretty Chihuahua face, and blonde hair. I love how she looks! As for Ren's dad, there is no mistaking that they're related. His resemblance to Ren is scary, except he's much bigger than he is and he's got balding auburn hair. He smokes, so that explains where Ren got the habit from, I guess. He was wearing a cross around his neck when Ren was born... I wonder if he's got the Hoek accent I've grown to love? :D

Gaaah, I simply can't stop looking at these screenshots! I printed them out to keep in my special binder. Poor Ren made his mama cry... now he's really in for it! In my mind's eye, I don't think my fan character, a girlfriend for Ren, would have a very stable relationship with Ren's dad. I can tell just from looking at these pics. But hey, I could be wrong. I still have yet to see "Ren Seeks Help." I may be able to view it on Eldest Aunt's computer, when she gets back from the retreat, and I get back from Camp Sunrise.

By the way, this is my thirteenth entry. Bwahaha! Bad luck to you, good luck to me!

Hee-hee, I'm so evil...

Posted by doubleoduck at 3:03 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 10 July 2003 3:30 PM EDT
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Wednesday, 9 July 2003
WAIT! Stop and blog for a minute!

Well, the WAIT program is heading to upstate NY to perform for Camp Sunrise, a Unification Church camp. I don't know if I mentioned this already, but Eldest Aunt and her family are part of that church, as is most of the WAIT group. That's what that Youth Service was for. I'm not part of any church. I believe in God, but I do not believe in organized religion as a way to become closer to God. I respect all religions, though I may seriously question them. I'm a natural-born critic. It's kind of my job in life.

Anyway, we're heading to my home state on Friday, and we'll be back Monday. Hmm, I must remind my mom to record Ren and Stimpy for me for tomorrow night. I forget if "Fire Dogs 2" will be playing, or if "Man's Best Friend" is. Either one is okay. I can't wait to go home so I can watch "Ren Seeks Help." I'd love to see Ren's parents and see the twisted youth that Ren was. That poor frog I've been hearing about... LOL

Vanilla hates me. She keeps hiding from me outside in the dog house. Even when it's raining out. She's scared of me, I don't understand it! She can't even eat with me around.

I must remember to pull up a bunch of ivy tomorrow morning. It's been raining a lot today, so the ground will be nice and soft. Reminds me of a line I heard that Ren says in that last episode:

"So soft. So squishy. So full of nerve endings so close to the surface."

Eldest Aunt would kill me if she knew I was into sick stuff like that! Hee-hee-hee, I love Ren! ;)

I have been working on a Ren and Stimpy fanfic for many months now. I might post it here when I have the time. Last night I drew an upcoming scene from it, an it turned out to be the most disturbing picture I've ever drawn. Bwahaha. I've also got a Darkwing Duck fic in the works.

In case you're wondering, the picture involves a fan character, a meat grinder, and a Ren-lookalike. Hee-hee-hee-hee!!! >:)

Posted by doubleoduck at 8:35 PM EDT
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Sunday, 6 July 2003
Personality Quiz Anthology, Part 2

what decade does your personality live in?

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Gotta love the chicken.

What Main Character Are You?
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Posted by doubleoduck at 7:02 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 6 July 2003 7:05 PM EDT
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Personality Quiz Anthology, Part 1

Which "Saved By The Bell" Character Are You?
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The last time I took that last quiz, I was Cat! Hmm... I wonder what brought about this change??

Posted by doubleoduck at 2:10 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 6 July 2003 2:25 PM EDT
A helluva lot more

Well, let's see... I had a wonderful time at the first WAIT meeting. I have gotten to know Jappish and Little Jappish, as well as their parents. I redesigned the WAIT logo, too! I drew up a rough draft, which got rave reviews from the WAIT members, then I had it refined with help from Eldest Aunt and her computer at work. The logo is going to be on t-shirts, pamphlets, flyers - everything you can think of! Jappish's mother wants me to help with the production of WAIT videos and the creation of the WAIT website now, too! They really want and respect my opinion... I feel so important. :)

John Kricfalusi wanted to see my artwork and know more about me, so he has yet to reply to about four e-mails. ;) He'll be receiving more when I get more artwork on the computer. He has a self-portrait, a collage of my many cartoon fan characters, and the WAIT logo so far. I told him to be brutally honest with me about what he thinks. I really, really respect his opinion. I doubt he'll let me work at Spumco, but at the very least, I hope he'll take me under his tutelage. To have John K. teach me how to draw... that would so totally kick@$$.

I went to a Republican soiree in Virginia on July 4th with Eldest Aunt and a friend of hers. We only went there for the food, thank God. I couldn't stand being there long... conservatives to the left of me... conservatives to the right of me... in front of me... behind me...

"Melissa," I thought to myself, "thou truly art in Hell."

Not that I hate Republicans (though I often think I do), but I do disagree with many of their ideas. I find them to be very close-minded. I'm not an all-out liberal, either. There are a few Democratic ideas I don't like. I'm somewhere in the middle, though I'm leaning more towards the left. I truly dislike politics, however... I don't touch the stuff with a ten-foot pole.

After the soiree, we went to a craft fair, where I met and got the business card of an author of two murder mysteries. He wants to see my writing, and I'm pretty excited about that. I also bought a trilobite fossil for Mom (they were selling giant shark's teeth in that booth, too), and a cat puppet for me which I named Snowball. After having a lovely dinner and dessert at Eldest Aunt's friend's house, we got an excellent seat at a fireworks show. My ears were just as assaulted as my eyes. If I hear one more BOOM!, I'll explode. The show was beautiful, though, and nice and long.

Yesterday, I helped Eldest Aunt with yardwork, met an artist neighbor of hers (she does fabulous paintings), and went shopping for extra food. Eldest Aunt has gone away this morning for the next four or five days. I'll be alone with Bay, Fuzzy and Vanilla the cats, and my Norweigian Uncle. I have the day off today, but starting tomorrow I have a bunch of chores, which really sucks. Oh, well... I just hope I'll have time for fun.

Posted by doubleoduck at 1:08 PM EDT

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