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feathered femme fatale
Wednesday, 10 December 2003
Christmas creeps ever closer

December 4th: Saw Christmas trees and wreaths and pine cones of all shapes and sizes being sold at 67th St. and 3rd Avenue.

December 5th: The first major snowfall strikes. I went to buy candy canes, gift bows, and stocking stuffers for Mom, Stepfather, and his two sons. I got Mom a small plastic box of special Tic-Tac mints that were individually wrapped in silver foil. Got Stepfather and his sons individual bags of Jelly Belly Christmas Mix jelly beans, six bucks a pop. Got stuck on the bus for two hours. Sacrificed two of my candy canes to keep from starving.

December 6th: Blizzard! Stayed inside and tried to keep warm. Had to put an extra comforter on my bed.

December 7th: Turns out that on the morning of my previous entry, I met up with Jack-Luigi's owner. He really is Pee-Wee! I was so upset at first, crying in front of the mother of the family, because I was afraid of losing him. But things worked out-- I can still keep him!! WOO-HOO! I just have to bring Jack to visit his family once a week, just as I did this day. They have a gorgeous house, like a mansion in the middle of the suburbs. They must be uber-rich. They have a WHITE Christmas tree. WHITE! I'll tell ya'll more about them later.

December 10th: Stayed home today. Bought Christmas ornaments and tinsel, and hung it all up. I'm more in the Christmas spirit than I ever have been in years! I feel great! :D

Posted by doubleoduck at 7:00 PM EST
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Wednesday, 3 December 2003
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

December 1st: First set of my last classes for the semester begins.

December 2nd: First snowfall, only a light powdering. Jack-Luigi celebrates by creating the first yellow snow of the season. (Hurrah, hurray! I get to keep him after all! I'll explain in a minute.)

December 3rd: My friend M-Lit helps me put up Chrsitmas decorations and the tree. Took out the garbage, only to pull my knee and cut myself on a broken ball ornament I threw away.

Anyway, as it turns out, Mom decided that Jack-Luigi would be better off staying with us, because even if he does belong to that family, they did absolutely nothing to try and find him: no ads in the paper, no "LOST" posters, nothing on the Internet; Mom and Stepfather checked all those more than once. Plus we feel he may have been abused from the way he used to cower when we approached him a certain way. We're keeping Jack as a moral obligation to protect him, and because we love him so much. I'm very happy! ^o^

M-Lit is having a lot of problems lately. Her exercise bike broke, and she's worried she won't have any way to execise, which is ridiculous, but she's a *bit* mentally slow. I don't know her exact condition. I wish I did. I could tell you everything else that's bothering her, but I'm too tired. Let's just say that she's a total emotional train wreck. :( I feel for her, I really do. I hate seeing her suffer. I talked to her mom over the phone (she's part of the problem, BTW), and I got emotional and everything. Her mom's not mad about my confronting her: actually, she's upset at M-Lit for making me upset. Let's just say M-Lit's mom isn't the brightest person in the world. She has a slightly bigger heart than most people, but she's ignorant and impatient. I know way too many people like her... it drives me nuts. They're good people, but bad at sympathy and understanding. Not to mention almost the worst at communication.

*whimpers over cut hand*

Posted by doubleoduck at 7:11 PM EST
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Saturday, 29 November 2003
Thanksgiving dinner on a Saturday

Well, I finished Thanksgiving dinner about two hours ago. I had meat stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and corn pudding. I totally avoided the candied yams, turkey, vegetable stuffing, and spinach. With me at the table were Mom, Stepfather, Eldest Aunt, Youngest Aunt, Irish Uncle, and Stepfather's two sons.

Everybody's downstairs talking and being happy. I'm not very happy right now. When Eldest Aunt, Youngest Aunt, and Mom came with me to walk Jack after dinner, these three kids showed up and said they recognized him. They said he might be this person's dog named Pee-Wee, apparently missing. The owners of this lost dog weren't home, so I'm still not sure of whether I'm losing my dear friend or not. I've grown so attached to Jack in so little time. If he goes away, I don't want another dog ever again. I made sure Mom knew that when she suggested otherwise, but I apologized a bit later. I'm just so mad. They may be taking away my dog...

Posted by doubleoduck at 4:44 PM EST
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Friday, 28 November 2003
Eating my macaroons

Been eating a lot of macaroni today, but mostly macaroni salad. That macaroni and cheese Mom made is just too rich to have more than one portion a day.

Nothing much has happened today. I went to see "Looney Tunes: Back In Action" with Mom. Ugh, the script was horrible! It is shameful to the name of Looney Tunes. A lot of the gags were pointless, the human acting was god-awful (Bugs and Daffy and the gang were great, though), and there were a lot of anti-climatic story points. Plus, as I've noticed to be a common trend in movies these days, they didn't take enough time to develop the setting. They basically cut right to the chase. Man, a lot of Hollywood writing sucks like hell these days. "LT: BIA" was like a badly written fanfic made into a movie. I honestly could have pulled a better script out of my @$$, because it was sh*t. Hell, it was less than sh*t, it was sub-sh*t. It did make me laugh quite a few times, but not very hard. I was laughing more about the little stuff. Like, there was this scene where Bugs and Daffy are in a spy car, falling down with the lead actor and actress, and they're in the back seat passing each other their wills. I don't recall laughing about anything the human actors did. I think I'm having second thoughts about seeing the Cat in the Hat. That got the worst reviews ever. Thing is, I wasn't so sure I believed the critics about the quality of the Looney Tunes movie, but now I'm starting to trust those guys a little more. So, no Suess for me. Poor Theo must be rolling in his grave... or curled up in a fetal position and weeping. I pick the latter.

You know what is a good movie, tho? "Elf." Like "LT: BIA," they don't take a lot of time developing the setting. In fact, in my honest opinion, the movie was a bit too short. But they did take more time than the Looney Tunes movie to develop the setting, plus the writing was quality for the time they had given it. I've seen funnier, really. But it's a very refreshing break from all the crap Hollywood's putting out.

I snuck a peek at a Christmas present Mom bought me at Target today: "Mario Kart Double Dash!!" WOO! I kinda wish I didn't look, but it's been on my Want List. I hope she also gets me "Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga." I really, really, really need that game. Mom also bought me a Christopher Hart drawing book I've wanted, from Barnes and Noble. I begged her for it and she said she wouldn't give it to me until Christmas, and I agreed to it.

I've been freakin' exhausted lately because I've been walking Jack so much. Mom had the same problem, but now she's used to it. She comes along when I walk Jack just for the exercise! She's nuts. I swear to God she's nuts. But that's what makes her such a great parent. ;)

Stepfather's been working all day today. Unless he's at the yacht club right now. It's raining like hell outside, so I really don't know. Eldest Aunt will be arriving at 8:00 PM, and I'm kinda anxious about that.

Anyway, I'm gonna post a link to this blog at my deviantART journal. I'll also try and update Flapping Terror tonight. I've been really bad about that. *slaps wrist*

Posted by doubleoduck at 6:37 PM EST
Updated: Friday, 28 November 2003 6:38 PM EST
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Thursday, 27 November 2003
Ow, my eye! It hurts SO BAD!

Paraphrase of a Stinkoman quote above. Because my eye really does hurt. My left eyelid has been irritated and a bit puffy all day. I don't know what's wrong, but it hurts when I blink and it makes my eye tear up. My eyeball is fine, though. I've also got a pimple in my right nostril. Yes, I know you needed to know that. It's just that it really hurts, especially when my nose moves. And it's a pain in the @$$ to deal with when I'm trying to blow my nose.

Well, I'm no longer angry with Stepfather, nor him me. We're all happy and peppy and bursting with love once again. Yay.

Jack-Luigi got groomed last night. A van came over and these two women spruced him up. He looks terrific! People were complimenting him tons before, but I can only imagine how much he'll be noticed now. Jack's a lot more excitable now, BTW. He was jumping on me when I came home from school on Wednesday, plus he's running around the house a lot more. He's still pretty well-behaved, though. I think he's a lot happier now than he might have been with his previous owners. To tell ya the truth, we think he was abused quite a bit. He used to cower if you approached him the wrong way. Now he's a lot less afraid. I'm glad he's getting the treatment he so richly deserves. ^_^

Oh, I completely forgot to say, "Happy Thanksgiving!" We didn't really celebrate today. We're having guests over on Saturday. I did help myself to some ham with pineapple slices tho-- first time I ever had it, good stuff! The ham was even cooked in pineapple juice! *slurp* Mom also made a very rich macaroni and cheese recipe she got from a friend of hers, and when I say rich, I mean artery-clogging rich. She only let me have a teeny little serving. >:( No fair!

Eldest Aunt's coming over tomorrow. She'll be staying over for dinner on Saturday. Joy of joys. She'll be sleeping on my bedroom floor (at her insistance) that night, so I had to get my rug shampooed. Still waiting for the rug to dry. It's really freakin' cold at my feet. Plus I got the overhead fan goin', so it's really cold in here. I had to keep my door open, which I hate. I like to keep my door closed, and locked. It's a security thing, I dunno.

You know what part of me is always cold? My hands. They're always like ice. Like I'm the living dead. Mom says it's poor circulation. She's probably right, but let's get poetic and say it's the result of my bitter, icy heart. Okay, maybe not, but it was fun to type. And it was fun for you to read, too. Admit it! ;)

Well, I gots to go. I have only seven minutes left on the computer. I'll be updating Flapping Terror soon, too. Bye-sie-bie!

Posted by doubleoduck at 8:53 PM EST
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Wednesday, 26 November 2003
Oy and vey.

Grr... has any one of you out there ever had a teacher who has absolutely no grasp of the English language? That would be my psychology professor, Tien Doan. All of his students complain about him, but so far I'm one of the only people at my school who's saying anything. I've made multiple complaints about this guy, including one two days ago when I received the grade to my latest psych test: 56. I SO wanted to kill him!! >_< Y'see, all of his tests are based on his lectures, but his accent and speech patterns make it almost impossible to follow them. We're always asking each other in class what the hell the guy's talking about, and then he accuses us of misbehaving. When we ask him to repeat himself, he says we're not paying attention. Man, how clueless is he?! To top it all off, he misspells and mispronounces important names and terms. Hell, he can't even pronounce regular words right! Example: he pronounces the word "juice" as " joo-eese."

Don't get me wrong, Doan's a smart guy, but he's absent-minded and is simply not qualified to teach at all. He teaches at two different schools, too. I don't get why the hell something hasn't been done yet. Well, considering I'm not the only one suffering (just about everybody in his class is getting bad grades), at least something will be done to prevent my failing the psych final. I also hope other students will be spared the difficulties of learning under this guy.

I'm working on a picture of Coach Z and Professor Doan based on the Homestar Runner cartoon titled, "A Jorb Well Done." I'm putting Coach Z in a graduation cap and pointing with a stick at a blackboard, which has "JUICE vs. JOO-EESE" written on it. He's glaring at Doan and saying, "C'mon, man, even I can pronounce this right! Repeat after me: juice."

To which Doan replies: "Joo-eese." To which Coach Z retorts: "Yer a fine piece of work, ya know that?"

We have a new member of the household now, apparently. His name is Jack-Luigi, a miniature Schnauzer. Mom and I found him a few blocks away from our house, dirty and cold. He was wearing a red collar; he now has a new black one. The evening we found him, we were supposed to be babysitting Youngest Aunt's dog, my former Chihuahua. One week later, Charles has gone home, and now it's just Jack-Luigi. He's so well-behaved that it's difficult to tell we have a dog in the house. Plus he's apparently non-allergenic. We think he might be a show dog. He barely gets excited except if he meets new people, or sees pigeons, squirrels, or other dogs. He's content being inside, but he loves going outside. In order to get my @$$ away from the computer, Stepfather has arranged with Mom for me to work under her. I now have to walk Jack for half-an-hour in the morning and when I come home. I get $20 a week. I start out with one sick day, and one vacation day. I have to file for my vacation in advance, just like a real job. Every thirty days, I get another sick day and vacation day. I suppose this setup isn't too bad. I just got back from walking Jack this morning. I'm a bit tired-- I got up a bit early, plus it was a long walk-- but otherwise, I'm okay. But I'm telling you, if this doesn't get Stepfather off my back, he can stick his head up his @$$ where it belongs, because he's been saying very nasty stuff about me. Seriously, he really hurt my feelings last night, calling me a liar and saying I bullsh*t everybody just so I can get my way, and that I always b*tch and moan when someone tells me what to do. I admit to being a little spoiled, but I'm not that bad! I feel really bad that he feels that way about me.

Posted by doubleoduck at 8:17 AM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 26 November 2003 7:23 PM EST
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Wednesday, 19 November 2003
Each day we die a little more

Strong Sad quote up there. I'm truly in the middle of a huge Homestar kick.

On Friday, I had a series of very fortunate events. It was extremely cold and windy on the way to school, but I spotted some dollar bills flying in the wind. I caught one, then found another two caught in a whirlwind that had formed in the corner of a wall. They were all singles, so I now had ten dollars to spend that day. Then in Philosophy class, my professor wanted to give away a free book he had received in the mail. He gave it to me just because I said, "Oooohhh!" when he showed it to us. (I'm just too cute sometimes, it scares me. ^_~) Then after school, I went to McDonald's and ordered two cheeseburgers and a chocolate milkshake. The cashier asked if I wanted to buy a $1.00 paper hand to donate to a children's charity. I said yes, but then she told me my order cost $5.32. I only had $4.00 and some odd change, so I asked them to knock off a cheeseburger. They did, and now it was a dollar less. They still let me sign the paper hand, tho. Then I got on my bus to go home. I looked in the bag, and surprise, surprise! They had forgotten to take out my second burger! I got a free cheeseburger! ^_^

Yeah, so that was freaky. In other news, I have an overdue assignment I have to hand in Friday or I'm doomed. Plus I have to write an essay for English, and I don't have a topic yet. And we've had that assignment for over two weeks. All my lazy-ass fault. -_-;;

I just got off the phone with my friend, whom I'll refer to as MLit. She concentrates so much on her weight and the food she eats, plus she's depressed as hell. I recommended Homestar Runner to her, and after playing wavs of the characters' voices, she was convinced. She's gonna look at the site tomorrow! Yay! I hope she'll like it. I hope things turn out okay for her.

Gonna update Flapping Terror on Friday... and I've got a Homestar Runner site in the works. Say hewwo to the Homestaw Sistew... I mean, Homestar Sister. By the way... check out this Zurg site by Tracy, it's cute! I love Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, don't you? I'm a Buzz / Mira shipper myself. ^_^

Posted by doubleoduck at 6:44 PM EST
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Tuesday, 11 November 2003
I look SO GOOD!

Teen Girl Squad!




The Ugly One!

So guess which one I'm most like?

You're "Whats her face". You love baggy
pants, Avril Lavigne, and softball. You're the
pity friend of the group, and don't have any
real friends-even Thomas the Alien doesn't like
you. You enjoy pillow fights at sleepovers and
just might be a lesbian.

Which Member of Teen Girl Squad are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Yay, What's-Her-Face! She's my favorite! ... Hey, waitaminit, lesbian?!

Posted by doubleoduck at 10:05 PM EST
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Monday, 10 November 2003
Conformity Bites

A girl who's been rather friendly to me has told me today that I'll never fit in with anyone. It's a rather long story...

In psychology today, we were discussing human habit to make biased judgements. Professor Doan said that we have that habit because of its ecological validity. For example, if a green berry makes you sick, you then assume all green berries will make you sick in order to keep yourself alive. It's kind of like a survival instinct.

I then pointed out that such a habit it not truly needed for our modern society. I stated that we humans are not physically or mentally compatible for our modern society. When asked to explain this, I said, for example, that in the days of our nomad ancestors, we depended on fats and sweets to keep us fat and full during the harsh winters. We still have the inherent favor to eat sweets and fats, only our modern conveniences make it so that we can live in comfort all year round, plus we have an overabundunce of fats and sweets. That explains why 90% of the population is overweight.

I saw many people laughing as I tried to explain this. The girl sitting next to me told me that they were either shocked, surprised, or resentful because most things said in that class were irrelevant or unimportant, and I suddenly state something that actually correlates to the lesson. One of the students then asked a question related to my statement without really thinking about what I had said. Professor Doan then went completely off-track from the lesson to explain mental disorders that cause people to eat certain amounts - he did not make any sense of my correlation. The girl next to me then stated that he was trying to appeal to public opinion, because he's idiotic, and idiots do not admit what they do not know.

I had told her that I had often been laughed at for my intelligence before. It was then she told me I'd never be accepted by others. I told her that I wouldn't give up trying. I have always wanted to be accepted. But then she pointed out, "You've been trying so long already... I'm not trying to tell you what to do, but you're never going to fit in."

Maybe she's right. I have been shunned by my peers and authority alike for being different. It will most likely never end.

Ye gods, I sound like freakin' Strong Sad.

Which reminds me... I have been on a major Homestar Runner kick recently. To the point of where I'll probably be sent to Hell. *giggles*

I haven't really been mindful of Flapping Terror recently. I'll update eventually, probably after next week.

Posted by doubleoduck at 7:41 PM EST
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Monday, 3 November 2003

We didn't go to Blood Manor. And while we tried to do Halloween shopping, practically everything was gone. >:(

Anyway, I really ought to be doing my homework now. But I'm not in the mood. I will be in a minute once I kick myself for delaying as much as I already have.

On the upside, Mom got me a Super Mario Advance 4 stategy guide from Prima, and a Captain Gundam SD Gundam figure. I'm not a Gundam fan let alone a SD Gundam fan, but I can't resist this this cute little mecha bot. I just might get the other figures in his line. His design is just too wonderful to describe. I love my little Captain-bot. ^_^

Man, am I one spoiled brat or what?

Anyway, part of the reason I wanted Captain was because I'm thinking of creating a mecha robot for Darkwing Duck. I mean, a robot for Darkwing to use. And a team of supervillains with their own mecha to pilot against Darkwing's mecha! They'd most likely be F.O.W.L. agents, I think. Captain is a good basic design from which I can improvise a Darkwing-mecha.

Speaking of Darkwing, I'm working on a Liquidator romance fic called, "Fire and Water." It stars Bud Flood in his pre-Liquidator days, and how he met his now ex-girlfriend, Polly Cinders (my Mary Sue). It also describes how Polly discovers her ability to control fire. Hmm. I think my friend, Roaming Tigress, would like Polly. RT has a DW character who's a pyromaniac, Victoria Volatili (Steelbeak's wife). I wonder how well Vicky would get along with Pol?

Okay, I've got to go. Homework awaits. Blah. (Why won't Mom leave me alone????)

Posted by doubleoduck at 5:09 PM EST
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