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Isn't it funny how many Darkwing characters haven't been given proper background stories? So many questions have gone unanswered about our favorite heroes and villains. Why did Launchpad leave Duckburg for Saint Canard? What was Gosalyn's life like before her parents died? What is Quackerjack's real name? Why did Steelbeak get a new "schnoz" from F.O.W.L.? How did Negaduck end up with someone as sickeningly sweet and cute as Nega-Gosalyn? All of these questions, plus more, have been answered in many different ways by different fans with different theories. It only makes sense to compile the whole shabang into one neat little page. Huttah! If you want to submit your own fan bios and character background theories, send an e-mail to this address.


Twisted Every Way - a fanfic by Roaming Tigress about Steelbeak's past. Hosted on FanFiction.Net. Rated K+.


Profiles by Kilthalia:


How did Negaduck end up with someone as sickeningly sweet and cute as Nega-Gosalyn?

Kilthalia Says: "For the one about Gosalyn in the Negaverse, I have a theory, now that I think about it, that the Negaverse Gosalyn, a mean and highly spirited youngster crossed and disobeyed Negs or someone else one too many times really really bad and she... bit the big one; was killed. Negs kinda missed a 'sidekick' of sorts so he traveled to another dimension to find another Gosalyn, but only found Miss Sweety Cheeks, but the good point was that she would never question him and did everything he said to do, so that's why they are together. But then again... Negs MISSING someone? Come on! Ok, here's a similar one. Negs never met the little hell-raiser Gos and traveled to the Posiverse to cause havoc, found this obedient little Gos and took her back with him because she obeyed his every command... just for that fact... that she is his [censored]. Pardon the language..."

Melissa Says: "I have a theory that Nega-Gosalyn isn't really from the Negaverse. Come on, think about it: Normalverse Gosalyn is actually a very sweet girl once you get past her tomboyish mannerisms. How can her Nega-self be twice as sweet? I'd expect her Nega-self to be a hardcore tomboy with as every bit a nasty personality as Negaduck. I mean, wouldn't you? Okay, here's what I think: many fans have come to the conclusion that there is a Posiverse as well as a Negaverse. What if the real Nega-Gosalyn really was as every bit a nasty person as we'd expect, and the Nega-Gosalyn we know was originally from the Posiverse? In the Normalverse, Professor Waddlemeyer's invention, the Ramrod, altered gravity. What if his Nega-incarnation and his Posi-incarnation both built their Ramrods to create interdimensional portals instead (or the both of them somehow ripped a hole in the space-time continuum)? Then, when the Nega- and Posi-incarnations of Taurus Bulba got involved, Negaverse Gosalyn and Posiverse Gosalyn accidently switched universes! So when Posi-Gosalyn landed in the Negaverse, Negaduck (for whatever reason) took her in to try and corrupt her, and make her just as every bit as mean and tough as the original Nega-Gosalyn."

Why did Launchpad leave Duckburg for Saint Canard?

Melissa Says: "Tad Stones had said once that LP thought being a hero's sidekick was a more exciting job than being Scrooge McDuck's personal pilot. I agree, but I also believe LP was tired of being abused by his former boss. I mean, as much as I love Scroogie, it's pretty obvious how badly he treated LP. He constantly yelled at him, fired him, and insulted his intelligence. Sure, Darkwing gets agitated with Launchpad every now and then, but he's hardly as mean as Scrooge. Plus DW actually listens to LP every now and then. I'll tell you why I don't think LP left, though: money. At first LP was working for one penny a day for Scrooge, and sometime in the DuckTales series he began working for free. Despite this, Launchpad had willingly agreed to work for that little, even insisting on it just so he could work for Scrooge. All LP cared about was the adventure, not the cash... quite the opposite of Scrooge, who's a natural adventurer himself. Based on this idea, now that I think about it, I don't think LP gets a salary from Darkwing!"

Sharan Porper Says: "I believe that becoming DW's 'sidekick' was NOT Launchpad's idea- DW was in BIG trouble that DW knew nothing about and you know Launchpad, he HAD to help the guy. Especially when SHUSH, who shanghaied Launchpad into this (Launchpad didn't read that contract he signed with it's sister organization, the DIA as well as he should of) told Launchpad that Flintheart Glomgold was bankrolling FOWL - bankrolling all of DW's villains and was providing them with the "toys" they used to try to commit crimes and wreak havoc with - in an attempt to de-throne Mr. McDuck as the world's richest duck. It was also a great way for Flinty to test said toys without paying someone to test them. Launchpad doesn't like Flintheart any more than Mr. McDuck does. Flintheart Industries make defective merchandise. Way too cheaply made. Way too flismy. Breaks if you LOOK at it funny. Flintheart Industries is the world's largest producers of AIRPLANE PARTS and AIRPLANES. And not only is Launchpad a pilot, so his whole family. Do you blame Launchpad for coming about as close to hating Flintheart Glomgold's guts as Launchpad is able to hate anybody guts? Flintheart was angry at DW for foiling his efforts and put a contact out on DW. SHUSH hired LAUNCHPAD as DW's BODYGUARD. Launchpad had to pretend to be his 'sidekick' due to DW's ego."

Ricardo Mendoza believes that Launchpad never left his old job. He points out that in Issue #392 of the Uncle Scrooge comics from BOOM! Studios - which carries on the DuckTales canon - Launchpad (who's on an adventure with Scrooge, Donald, and the Duck triplets) makes an outright reference to Darkwing with the following line: "Luckily I always carry a flashlight in case D.W. loses the keys to the Ratcatcher!" Ricardo suspects that Launchpad works at night as Darkwing's sidekick and as Scrooge's pilot during the day. Which leaves one to wonder: when does LP ever get any sleep?!

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