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NAME: Landon Griffith Mallard

A.K.A.: N/A


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Landon is a rather average, middle-aged individual. He is a tall white mallard duck with a decent build and has black hair and green eyes.

CLOTHING: Anything that's not too special; usually just jeans and a t-shirt.

OCCUPATION: Landon is a retired deputy of police.

HOBBIES: He enjoys hiking, fishing and occassionally writing stories.


ORIGIN: Landon was born into a wealthy family in a fan-made city called Mallardsville, located just outside Duckburg and St. Canard. His father was the mayor of the city and his mother was in charge of social events. When he was old enough he joined the police academy and eventually became a deputy. He kept this job up until the age of 45 when he was forced into retirement following a hit-and-run incident.

PROBLEM-SOLVING: Landon takes his time when it comes to solving problems and believes it is better to go over things slowly before jumping into anything hasty. He generally thinks up several ways to patch anything up before choosing what decision would be best.

MOTIVATION: To help those in need of it.

PERSONALITY: Friendly and caring, Landon is a true gentleman. He generally keeps his cool and doesn't excite easily, even if faced by dangerous criminals.

FRIENDS / FAMILY: He has several friends, namely Chauncer D. Marius. His family are all dead, and his wife and daughter were killed by Victoria following a house fire.

NOTABLE TIDBITS: His first and middle name were taken from the actors Andy Griffith and Michael Landon. Despite his last name, he is not related to Drake Mallard.

IMAGES: Headshot by Roaming Tigress

- By Roaming Tigress

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