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January 2004 - February 2004

February 24, 2004
Great news: Tad Stones e-mailed me back!! Actually, I got his reply a while ago, but I'm considering asking him a few more questions and then asking if I may post our Q&A session. His answers prodded a few more questions I now need to ask.
Updated Other Avians of Interest; it's cleaner now and now it has pictures! Plus I'm working on adding info on Duckman! New link under One-Page Wonders, and another under the general Darkwing websites. Posted 14 new pieces of fan art, bringing our official count to... 62! Woah. Cool! Thanks for all the contributions, you guys! I can't wait to get up to 100!
About the fan art... it's taking up the most space on the site right now, so I'm going to be moving the section to our backup site at "".
Also, I'm sorry about not updating the book review article or quite a few other things on the site. I'm very busy with life and college and crap. I promise to never let go of the site, tho, not even when I'm old and gray. Or married, whichever comes first. *badum-tish*
*FLASHQUACK* : Three secret pages have been updated!

I am the Terror that Makes Bad Jokes in the Night - *~Melissa~*

February 14th, 2004
Happy Valentine's Day! Added a new fan character profile and a new fan art AND a new fan theory from Kilthalia. Many thanks again, girl! Expect another update from me tomorrow or Monday.
Oh, and for a limited time only... here's a direct link [2/24/04: Link deleted] to one of the secret pages, in honor of Valentine's Day! This one's for the ladies, tho. If any guys out there want a page for a certain DW femme, let me know and I'll see what I can do! ^_^

Let's Get Amorous... >;) - *~Melissa~*

February 3rd, 2004
A new piece of fanart and a new fan character profile from Kilthalia has been added. Thanks, girl! I've also updated the main fan character page a little bit; just a couple of sentences added to the opening paragraph. We're getting very close to the fifty mark in our fan art, which is indeed awesome. Still no word from Tad Stones. Oh well, he's a very busy man. Can't expect him to answer every e-mail that comes his way. *sighs*
Valentine's Day is coming up, but I'm not sure if I want to do anything special for that day on the site. I mean, we didn't even celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas or Halloween... meh... Well, it's still our first year. We don't have to make holidays a tradition yet, right?
Just thought I'd add-- err-- a thought. In the fan characters section, Damien Hudigan's nickname is the same as Javert Adair's alias: "Devil Duck." I find that interesting because one of my earliest Darkwing characters was called Devil Duck. No, seriously! It was a female duck character, a girlfriend for Negaduck, and she had horns. I was thinking of explaining that by making her half bull. I even considered making Taurus Bulba her father! Oy... *shakes head* ... too weird for words. Devil Duck eventually merged with another early character of mine, Harlequeen (a Quackerjack-ish Mary Sue), and slowly evolved years later into one of my current characters, Jill Quackenfield. You can find an image of Jill in the fan art section by Megs83. Just thought I'd share. :)

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January 29th, 2004
Added a new archive page for January through February. No word from Mr. Stones yet. Still waiting. In the meantime...
*FLASHQUACK* : A new secret page has been added!
I am the Terror that Snoozes in the Night... Goodnight! - *~Melissa~*

January 27th, 2004
Here's the update this time:
+ Two new fan character profiles from Roaming Tigress.
+ Added a new image link to Javert's profile that was a bit overdue.
+ Added a new theory to the Fan Bios and Theories section.
+ Added part one of a new article to the Tribune.
+ Added two new pictures to fan art.
+ Added a new link.
I also have a bit of news: I finally e-mailed Tad Stones! I sent him a list of ten questions two nights ago, which I'm both psyched and nervous about. I also gave him the link to this site. When I receive his reply, I may post his response here. I depends on whether he lets me post it or not. Wish me luck!
[LATER] Added a new Character Profile! Everyone, meet Madam Anna Matronic from "The Silly Canine Caper!"
I am the Terror That Worries in the Night - *~Melissa~*

January 15th, 2004
Added five new pictures to the Fan Art section. I'll be putting up some fan character profiles by Roaming Tigress soon. I have also decided not to put up a Polls page like I suggested in an earlier update. It's too much work for someone as inexperienced as I to customize the proper coding. I'll come up with an alternative eventually. Anyway... here's a New Year's resolution for me: write to Tad Stones about those missing episodes like I promised a LONG time ago. Another one: find out if the "Planet of the Capes" episode was in fact inspired the "Normalman" comic book series. I'd better ask Tad about that one, too. Man, I've gotta ask the guy a LOT of questions. Hey, here's an idea: if anyone has a question worthy of Mr. Stones, let me know, 'k? 'K. I'll see you later.
Oh, and by the way, I'm still waiting for some of you to give me submissions like you promised to do. I don't want to push, but I've kinda been waiting for weeks and it's mostly your feedback that keeps this site going. I won't say anymore about this subject, okay? I just would like to see more contributors to the website's credit. How else is Flapping Terror going to keep its claim of being the biggest DWD site ever? Okay, bye. For real this time. Bye. *grins* *waves* *runs*
[FIVE MINUTES LATER] ... Sorry, I forgot one last thing. I ordered some DW story books on Amazon.Com, and I expect them all to arrive by the end of the month or later. I'll being doing reviews and articles and what-not on each of them, including the infamous story featuring Madam Anna Matronic, the villain that never made it on the show except for that one guest shot! You know who I mean... in that episode where Derek Blunt appears? "He drew on my map." That girl in glasses moping next to the Beagle Boy in that scene with all those DWD and even DuckTales villains?! That's her. And you know what that means: a new character profile, hurrah! Okay, NOW I'm going. Bye. *runs*
I am the Terror that Flaps in the Night... or Am I? - *~Melissa~*

January 6th, 2004
Heya, Happy New Year! Ah, the first update of 2004. Awesome that we've made it this far, huh? Just another... eight months... and we'll be a year old! Cool! Okay, I added an old, old article to the Tribune, which you may recognize from another website. I also opened a new section: Fan Bios and Theories. We need some contributors in that section! I also added a link to the Flapping Terror Yahoo! Group on the front page, which has already almost reached its storage capacity due to the two comic books Roaming Tigress scanned in for me. If anyone has any suggestions as to how to obtain more storage space, please let me know. Also e-mail me if you have any fan art or fan character profiles that you promised to give me, okay? Thanks!

I am the Terror that Flaps in the New Year - *~Melissa~*

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