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Latest Update: March 5, 2011

UGH. Yet again I do not update on time. If you guys attend Emerald City Comic Con, be sure to stop at booths #402 and #502 for BOOM! Studios. James Silvani, among other artists, will be there all day doing Get-A-Sketch comic covers for people. The Con started on the 4th, and I have no excuse for not reporting this sooner other than the fact I'm attending college and doing homework. Important stuff, but I owe something to you guys, too.

Also, Darkwing Duck Annual #1 came out three days ago... I will have a review for it soon. I promise. But let me just say, if you buy it, you might want to brace yourself. And I mean that in a neutral way.

I am the... blah, forget it. *~Melissa~*

February 22, 2011

I'm very sorry I haven't been updating, everyone! I've had a severe lack of energy lately. Anyway, Issue #9 of the comic was released on the 16th this month, and a review for it has been posted in the articles section! Click here! Also, DARKWING DUCK CLASSICS in trade paperback was released on the 2nd of this month! Buy it from BOOM! here. A review for it will be coming soon.

As for what's coming up in the future: in April, the "Crisis of Infinite Darkwings" story arc will be available in trade paperback! Issues 5 through 8, collected in one solid paperback volume! Doesn't get better than that, does it? In March, the first Annual Issue of the comic will be released, and it features our favorite mad jester, Quackerjack! AND, for those of you who can't get enough Launchpad, BOOM! will be releasing a new DuckTales comic series, which is being written by Warren Spector (creator of the video game Epic Mickey!). The first issue will be out in May, so keep your eyes peeled!

Anyway: I AM NEVER LETTING A BACKLOG DEVELOP LIKE THAT EVER AGAIN. Ahem... in site news, I may be shutting down the fan section, the quotes section, and Avians of Interest section. They're being left to atrophy, and I'm not sure how to handle the problem. If you think I shouldn't do this, e-mail me! That's all for now. Ciao ciao, all!

I am the terror that needs to get off her tailfeathers more often... *~Melissa~*

January 18, 2011

Happy New Year, guys! Hope your holidays were good! The review to Part 4 of "Crisis of Infinite Darkwings" (Darkwing Duck Issue 8) is up in the articles section! I accidentally labeled the previous issue as Issue 6 when it was actually 7, so oops! Anyway... enjoy!

I am the terror that hopes to update more frequently this year... *~Melissa~*

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