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September 2003 - October 2003

October 20th, 2003
First of all, I would like to sincerely apologize to those who were interested in entering the Bushroot contest, which I have rather unceremoniously cancelled. I have decided not to hold any contests on this website until Flapping Terror has reached a much higher level of popularity. *puts on Steelbeak voice* I didn't wan' ta do it, but dem's da breaks, babe.
In other update news, I have done a lot of adding! Adding is fun. Yay!
+ Added another Avian of Interest
+ Added more Quotes
+ Added a new Fan Character Profile
+ Added image links to the Fan Character Profiles
+ Added a picture by Shelley that Rachel sent me
+ Added two more crew profiles
+ Added Steve Nelson and Thom Sharp to the synopsis and info page

I am the Terror that Adds in the Night! - *~Melissa~*

October 15th, 2003

Three pieces of fan art and a truckload of links have been added. The first two fan character profiles ever, courtesy of Roaming Tigress, have been added. And... the Contest Page is open! Get your tailfeathers over there right now for the very first contest ever! Go, go, go! Now, now, now! NOW! Move it, darn you! *shoves you along* And be sure to enter!

Get Dangerous! - *~Melissa~*

October 11th, 2003
I've been making changes here and there since my last update, and now the lastest update is finally finished. The rest of "My Funny Friend and Me" has been posted, plus I added new links, and the Images section is finally opened with its first picture: a SCAN! Thank you, Nintendo Maximus! I may also be forced to start posting my Update Alerts in the Great Warriors forum again, since Roaming Tigress is the only person besides myself (and Lost Duck in Weird Pond, whom I've just noticed) who posts in the Flapping Forum. Maybe I'll post a link to the site at the Animated Lust (Rated PG!) forum, too...
In other news, I'm working on a Yahoo! group for Flapping Terror. The main reason for this is that Roaming Tigress recently gave me scans of two whole DW comic books (thanks again, RT!), but they take up too much room on the site, so I've decided to put them in a Yahoo! group. But even there, it's taking up a lot of room. I just might have to put them in a Yahoo! photo album or something... we'll see what happens.

I am the carpal tunnel syndrome that plagues you when you're trying to update your website! - *~Melissa~*

October 3rd, 2003
First update of October! Let's see... I've updated the links, the fan fiction (I put back my section, plus I'm putting up Roaming Tigress's "My Funny Friend and Me"), and there's a new piece of a fan art by me. I also encourage my viewers to sign up to the Flapping Forum. I would also appreciate it if you could all e-mail me and let me know how I could do better with this website. I feel like there's something seriously lacking from this place...

I am the Terror that Types in the Night - *~Melissa~*

September 30th, 2003
I posted the rest of Roaming Tigress's fanfic, "Twisted Every Way." I also removed my entry in the fan fiction section because I've decided to work on "Getting Dangerous" a little more before posting it. The fan character section is OPEN, so I'm accepting fan character submissions now! Check out that page for details. The Saint Canard Tribune (the articles section) is open, but is currently empty. The Flapping Forum is also open, and in the future will be the place to look for an update alert, rather than the GreatWarriors.Net Forum. My thanks to Tracy for putting up with that annoyingly long thread. ^_^

Get Dangerous! - *~Melissa~*

September 26th, 2003
A huge update has been made to the quotes page, plus I fixed one of Megavolt's quotes (thanks again, Kilthalia!). I also added some new links yesterday, and I've taken down the Grand Opening text from the main page, as one week has passed since the Grand Opening. You may have also noticed I'm starting up a contest page! The first contest will be announced soon enough... Oh, and I didn't get to start the forum or articles section yet. I kinda sorta forgot. *slaps forehead* Next update, promise.

I am the Terror that Procrastinates in the Night - *~Melissa~*

September 24th, 2003
I actually finished this latest update over the past few days, but I was busy, so I couldn't log it. Anyhoo, there's a new fan art by Roaming Tigress, plus a link to her third site, "Everything Just Ducky." I also edited the Other Avians page, and the Synopsis and Info page has undergone some editing. You will also find links on the synopsis page! I have started to write up crew member profiles! You also may have noticed, on the main page, that I'm starting up sections for Articles and a Forum. I'll be opening those, and the Fan Character page, hopefully by next update. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go and finish off my bag of rice cakes.

I am the Terror that Crunches in the Night - *~Melissa~*

September 19th, 2003
Oy vey, my dear viewers. OY. VEY. It's 11:11 PM right now, and I just spent the last hour and a half finishing the credits for the writers, editors, and animation studios on the synopsis page. (That, and creating an archive page for September and October of this year to move the last update.) I'm pretty bushed by now, let me tell you. I did that for you... and because it's a Friday night, so I can stay up as late as I want. Yay for me. *yawns* Anyway, my next update should contain a synopsis on "Ghoul of My Dreams," as I have received the home video the episode was released on. The video itself is pretty rare. I'm thinking of adding an articles section so I can write about it, plus an articles section might come in handy in the near future (i.e., the Lost Six Episodes. No, I refuse to let you forget them, bwahaha).

I am the Terror that Snores in the Night - *~Melissa~*

September 17th, 2003
Well, dear viewers, this is it! The grand opening of Flapping Terror, Version the Third! W00T! This will hopefully be the last time I get a new address for this place. Anyway, I realize that much of the website is still unfinished, not to mention a tad messy. For this I apologize, but hey, at least these things give me updating material! ^^;
Anyhoo... I would like to thank all of you who submitted fanfics and fanart so far, it's all very lovely and I'm proud to exhibit your work. I hope to receive more submissions from you and others in the near future. I also have a few plans in mind for the site once it's complete and tidied up. How do secret pages sound? Ha, got your attention, didn't I! ^-^ Yup, I'm working on secret pages to be found on various parts of the website. They'll be found by clicking on mysterious links and tampering with the URL, once I put them up. It'll be up to you to figure out where to click and what to type. I'll let you know when the secret pages are finished, so stay tuned!
A couple of other things: if anybody's interested in becoming a staff member, and you have a good idea about what you want to do, then feel free to e-mail me and tell me! Also, I'm interested in acquiring a new picture for the front page. I chose the one that's currently on it because it shows DW, Launchpad, Gosalyn, and Honker. I would love a new pic that also features the four of them, whether it be official artwork or hand-drawn. You may also e-mail me about that.
And finally, I have saved the best news for last. While I was working on the Case Guide, I noticed that the production numbers of the episodes ranged a bit higher than the actual number of episodes. Allow this to sink in for a moment... wait for it... okay, you still don't get it? Okay, then here it is. There are 91 episodes, yes? The lowest production number is 4302-001. The highest production number is 4302-097. Now do you get it? Yup, that's right: There are six missing Darkwing Duck episodes! SIX! 6! Siete! Seis! The number that comes after five! So what am I going to do about that? Simple - I'm going to write a letter to Tad Stones about this to tell you more about them! Hopefully he'll respond. I can't go through the rest of my life not knowing what those missing episodes were about, can you?! I didn't think so. Well, now that you're probably psyched up, you're gonna have to be patient. Torture, isn't it? Well, until next time...

Get Dangerous! - *~Melissa~*

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