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January 2006 - May 2006

May 27, 2006
I hope my U.S. viewers are having a great Memorial Day weekend! Today I received another article link from TVShowsOnDVD.Com. It's a hi-res graphic of the DVD's box art! Nifty, huh? This update I have also uploaded a bunch of fan art from Roaming Tigress that was long overdue, and added artwork from new artists DWRaptor and Fraz.
One other thing: if you haven't looked at the Flapping Forum lately, do so now, and maybe even join as a member! Let's get things buzzin'!

I am the Terror that's Being Fried to a Crisp in This Ridiculously Hot Weather :P - *~ Melissa ~*

May 23, 2006
TVShowsOnDVD.com has brought us more information on the Darkwing Duck DVD. However, I must make a small rant. they mention that Gosalyn is Darkwing's niece. This information is horribly incorrect! And what makes it worse is that Disney has stated this incorrect information on multiple occasions, in various publications and suchlike, in the past. You'd think Disney would know about its own cartoons! Honestly! *shakes head*
*FLASHQUACK* : One secret page has been updated!

I am the Terror that Actually Gives a Hoot - *~ Melissa ~*

May 19, 2006
Woah! A consecutive update! This is a special update to inform you that the box art for the first set of Darkwing Duck DVDs has been revealed! Click here to go to TVShowsOnDVD.com for more information. Looks like it's official, people! Save your dollars for August 29! And be sure to keep an eye on Flapping Terror, because this is going to mean a whole new tidal wave of updates. *readies the aspirin container* I'm doing it all for you, guys! <3

With love! - *~ Melissa ~*

May 18, 2006
Guess what, all you happy campers? Flapping Terror is off the hiatus! YAY! I've decided to separate the artwork you guys send me into sections, which will be hosted on different sites in my name. SOOOOOOO... you can start sending me fanfiction and fan art and fan characters and all that lovely stuff again! W00T! Remember people, from now on, send me your fan stuff at sailor_mmsis@sailormoon.com!!
The following artists have been added to the fan art section: Chibilainen, Jen C., Kathy Fryhover, and PenelopeKitty. Special message for Kathy: three of your pictures didn't get posted because they turned up as blank, gray files in the e-mail you sent me. Also, the following artists have new pics added in their sections: Phantom Phan, and me, Melissa! A message for Roaming Tigress: I have ten pictures of yours I have yet to post. I will probably post them tomorrow or the day after. :)
Other updates obviously need doing, but it is late, and I am tired, and it's hot out, so that's all you're getting from me right now. If you need amusing, go to this link from youtube.com. It's a playlist I've made of music videos others have made based on footage from the cartoon. Be aware, however, that not all the songs are family-friendly! Lotsa heavy metal and cursing! The first video's pretty innocent, though. Enjoy! (Oh yeah... and there's this one clip from "My Valentine Ghoul..." *snickers*)

Darkwing fans - rock, rock on! - *~ Melissa ~*

April 17, 2006
I hope everyone had a happy and healthy Easter yesterday! Goodness, another hiatus. (How surprising - NOT!) Anyway... I am still rather stuck on the space problem, as the person who offered to help me seems to have disappeared. But I do have two pieces of good news! First and foremost, the January 2006 issue of the $crooge McDuck comic book series contains a story with... drumroll, please... LAUNCHPAD! Yes, you read that right! I nearly fell down, I was so surprised! Unfortunately, I seem to have misplaced my copy and am STILL hunting for it, which is why there are no scans of the comic on the site - YET.
So, ready for good news #2? Take a look at this e-mail snippet I got:
"January rumors are right - DW coming in Aug - 8:51 AM 4/17/2006 We have news on "DW" coming to DVD. Check the site for a short article. URL: http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/ newsitem.cfm?NewsID=5492"
Mark your calendars, people! ^o^

Just four months away! - *~Melissa~*

January 22, 2006
TVShowsOnDVD.com has announced today that Darkwing Duck may very well be released on DVD this year! YAHOO!! *hands out streamers, noisemakers, and party hats* Which could mean actual updates for Flapping Terror again! W00T! I've also been receiving countless mail from you guys, so the hiatus may end... MAY, because due to problems at home, my Internet time has become severely limited. I've almost found a solution to the space problem for our fan art, as someone has offered to host for me (YAY!), so please, if you have ANYTHING to send me, don't send it to the ZZN address, but to this much more capable address: sailor_mmsis@sailormoon.com. ZZN is starting to suck badly, so please try not to send anything else there, okay? I'm actually thinking of abandoning its services for good. They don't have enough space and they spread spyware... yeah. So... hope you've all been doing good, and long live Darkwing Duck!

Darkwing and I are back and badder than ever, baby! - *~Melissa~*

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