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March 2004 - April 2004

April 24th, 2004
I fixed all the broken image links in the fan character profiles section. I've also added new fan art, and a new fan bio of Negaduck by Kilthalia. Also, if anybody tried to e-mail me at Webmaster@flappingterror.zzn.com and got an error message, the problem is fixed now and you can e-mail me again. Also, if you encounter this problem again, substitute "Webmaster" for "melissa" to reach me on my alternate e-mail address: melissa@flappingterror.zzn.com

Too short of an update for a closing line - *~Melissa~*

April 16th, 2004
A long overdue update announcement: we have received (I think) 11 new pieces of fan art, and added two new artists to our ranks: Jooki and Deanna. And it is Deanna who submitted our 100th piece of fan art! Congratulations, Deanna! ^_^
I would also like to announce an upcoming special event that will acknowledge all those people that made Flapping Terror's first year a memorable one: The Flapping Terror Awards. Anyone who's contributed to Flapping Terror is instantly eligible for an award... so those of you who haven't sent me anything yet, you'd better move your tailfeathers! The Flapping Terror Awards ceremony is set for an as of yet unspecified date in May. It may be held on the Flapping Forum, or it may be held in a chat room. I haven't decided yet, but it'll be exciting! You can get an award for just about anything! ^_^ Ciao for now!

I am the Terror that Updates from School - *~Melissa~*

April 2nd, 2004
The first update of April, and it isn't on April Fool's Day. Maybe next year I'll pull a prank on you guys. ;) Anyway...
+ Added twelve new fan arts to the fan section. Our fan art count is now up to 90!! Whosoever submits the 100th picture is getting something special, so get drawing!
+ Added a new fan character profile. (My apologies to Kilthalia for not posting it sooner!)
+ Added a new fanfic. I'm still working on getting all of Roaming Tigress' fic, "Unfinished Business," posted up.
+ Added a few more quotes.
+ I still have yet to give Megs83 her reward for counting all that fan art before. But don't worry, I have not forgotten about it!
Not a particularly big update. I'm actually very busy because it's now my Spring Break (my first-ever college Sprint Break!) and I have made plans to get various bits of work done. (Work and Spring Break in the same sentence? It's a sign of the Apolcalypse!) I'll try to update sometime next week, too.

I am the Terror Enjoying Off-Time from School - *~Melissa~*

March 8, 2004
Extra, extra! Pick up the latest cop of the Saint Canard Tribune for an exclusive interview with Tad Stones! That's right, folks, it's finally here! Go to the articles and have a read! GO! NOW! MOVE!

I am the Terror that... hey? Are you still reading this? Go read the interview, darn you!! - *~Melissa~*

March 6, 2004
Hi, all. I'm sick. *sniffles*
This update, we have two new artists joining us in the fan art section, with four new pieces of fan art! Unfortunately, there's a problem in the fan art section: I just moved it to the doubleoduck2 website, and... well, I deleted one of my fan art pieces because it wasn't "real" DW fan art, and upon close inspection with Roaming Tigress's pictures, I realized a skipped a number with re-naming her files. That's why that under her name and mine you'll see a "THIS SPACE FOR RENT" in the spaces where missing pictures should be. The next picture I create and the next picture RT sends in will be taking up those spaces. Unfortunately, that's not the only problem... I've lost count of all the pictures! ARGH!! Whosoever can count all the pictures for me (not counting the "FOR RENT" spaces) will receive something special.
We've also got ten new screenshots in the images gallery, from the episode "Negaduck," otherwise known as, "The Birth of Negaduck." Many thanks to Kilthalia for those!
I've also created a new archive page for March and April, and it'll be available after a few more updates this month. I'm also gonna try and finish my book reviews, e-mail Tad Stones again, and post more fan fiction. Later!
[LATER] Well, whaddya know? I said later, and now it's... later! Anyway, I've added page two to the book review article! Yay! Only five more to go. Boo.
[STILL LATER] Megs83 counted the fan art for me! 78 pictures! Thanks, girl! I'll give you that something special soon! ^_^ *is happy*

I am the Terror that - ah - ahh - AHH - ACHOO! - *~Melissa~*

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