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June 2006 - August 2006

August 29, 2006
It's here! The DVD is HERE!! Get it! Get it NOW!!!
... Because I can't get mine until tomorrow. D8

DARKWING ON DVD! TODAY! NOW! - *~ Melissa ~*

August 23, 2006
The DVD release is now less than a week away! Yay! *claps hands in delight* I will not be able to pick up the DVD until after the release date, however, because I will be attending my sister's wedding upstate on the 28th. Therefore, before I go, I will be tidying up the forum so that you guys can discuss the DVD and relive the magic of the episodes all over again while I'm gone for that short period. When I get the DVD set, I will be doing a review of it, plus I'll try and add episode summaries. I'll also try and save up for a DVD media player that will allow me to take screenshots for the site. You all can also feel free to send me more screenshots, if you like!

I am The Terror who Will Now Take a Nap... zzz... - *~ Melissa ~*

August 7, 2006
Hey, looks like you can pre-order the DVD set from Disney's website! Check it out here. You can thank my dad for this one; he sent me the link. Thanks, Dad! You can also see the technical details about the DVD; closed-captioning option, a French dub option, Dolby sound... pretty cool stuff.
Dad also sent me something really cool: it's an old Burger King flyer promoting their Kid's Club and Disney Afternoon beach toys! It's in great condition, too. I'll be putting up a scan of it soon, along with scans and screenshots to add to the Image Gallery from Shelley Inks. And issues 1 and 3 of the "Darkly Dawns the Duck" comic that Roaming Tigress sent me, space permitting. These are all long overdue, and I apologize for that. I also seem to have the comic "Let's Get Fiscal!" from Disney Adventures, but I forget who sent me those scans! *blushes* Could someone please speak up and let me know if you sent it?
In other update news, I have added one piece of fanart by Catherine Ray, a pretty computer paint of Gosalyn as a mermaid. Do check it out! And congrats, Catherine - you are our 20th artist!
EDIT: Oops! Apparently I hadn't uploaded the screenshots from Duck Blind before. My apologies! ^_^; This mistake has been fixed, so go check those out, too!
EDIT 2: Another mistake! It seems after all this time, in the fanfiction section, all the chapters in "My Funny Friend and Me" have been labeled as the "Twisted Every Way" fanfic. Oopsie. Sorry, Roaming Tigress! This has been fixed, too!

I am the Terror who Sweats Terribly in the Dog Days of Summer - *~ Melissa ~*

July 28, 2006
Just a smallish update today... so far, because I'm actually up quite early. Added one scan and ten screenshots to the image gallery. May do more updating later; we'll see what happens. Oh, yes... and I've lost the names of those who donated the ten screenshots! *smacks forehead* If you are that person or one of those persons, please let me know!
And also, I would like to wish a very happy 48th birthday to my loving mother, who is currently out on my stepfather's boat for the weekend.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOMMY! <3 - *~ Melissa ~*

July 3, 2006
Well, my birthday went spectacularly well, my friends. I am now 21. If you happen to be in the New York area, drop me a line sometime so we can go to a bar. Heehee, I kid; I don't drink. Alcohol is yucky, kids, so stay away from it. Anyway... updates...
+ Added one new fan art from DWRaptor, giving us 170 pieces of fan art total! Yay!
+ Updated the Other Avians of Interest section with info on Duckman and his family. Let me know what you think!
If you've been visiting the forums, you probably have noticed ads for an 8-disc DVD set of the complete Darkwing Duck series. This set is NOT, I repeat, NOT official Disney issue, so I advise you strongly not to purchase it. However, if you'd like to take the risk, click here to have a gander. At least the box art looks pretty decent.
That's all for now. I'm trying to see what else needs sprucing up around the site. Keep an eye out!

I am the Terror who's Moping Because
Fireworks and Sparklers Aren't Legal in Her State. Phooey.
- *~ Melissa ~*

June 12, 2006
The biggest update in a long time, my friends! The Fan Art Section has been updated with pieces by Jen C. and Rachel. In the Fan Character section, I added Jey Beyer's profile, and updated Polly Cinders' profile with more accurate information and - bada-bing! - a sexy new icon! And finally, I added a Fan Theory to the Fan Bios and Theories section. Enjoy!
(Only one week until my birthday! Sweet! ^o^)
In Duck Years, I'd Be Dead - *~ Melissa ~*

June 9, 2006
In semi-recent news, the DVDs are now available for pre-order at Amazon.com! Credit for this information goes to Kim McFarland (negaduck9), webmistress of The Negapage, on LJ Community get_dangerous. (Woah, that's a lot of linkage!)
Will be updating with a bunch of pictures this weekend. By the way, it's only ten days left until yours truly turns 21 years old! W00T! June 19th, my favorite day of the year. Yay! :D

Young at heart, slightly older in other places. - *~ Melissa ~*

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