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October 28, 2007
Oh my gosh, you guys.
I just looked at the Flapping Forum for the first time since August - *slaps forehead* - and I found a post made in September by user "kagome_yuy," whose brother saw - brace yourselves now - a Darkwing Duck t-shirt.
And guess what? It's real, and it's still available! And you can order online AT THIS LINK! It's available in Large, X-Large, and 2X-Large. YOU MUST GET THIS SHIRT NOW.
Thank you very much, "kagome_yuy!" And tell your brother I said thanks, too!
EDIT: Also, check out this new link I added:'s "Which Darkwing Duck Villain Are You?" Quiz. You'll love it! Then thank forum user "nega-mexican fan" for finding it! She's a great contributer to the forum.

I am the terror that is SALIVATING OVER THIS SHIRT. - *~Melissa~*

September 9, 2007
Hello, everyone! Again! An important update this time, with a long-overdue review of the second DVD set! Click here to read it! Also, be sure to check your local magazine rack for this month's issue of Disney Adventures: they're reprinted part of an old Darkwing comic called "Power Play!" E-mail the address they provide at the end of the comic to tell them what you think of bringing Darkwing back to their publication! I'll try to post the comic here on the site soon, for those of you who aren't lucky enough to score a copy. For now, I must get myself to bed!

I am the terror that sleeps in the night... zzz... - *~Melissa~*

August 7, 2007
Hello, everyone! The site is going temporarily off hiatus for a while to help promote the second Darking Duck DVD set! Hooray! I was contacted by Ryan Fons, who's helping Buena Vista promote the DVDs, and he asked me if I wanted to help promote the DVDs here on Flapping Terror. Of course, I said yes! ^o^ I am so excited I cannot even begin to tell you all! *bounces in her seat*
Okay, to start off, I am going to present you all some actual clips from the DVD! Yay! They're You'll need Macromedia Flash to view the clips; if you don't have Flash Player on your computer, click the link to download it from the official site. There are two links for each clip, one for high bandwith computers and one for low bandwith, so choose wisely or your browser might crash like so many of Launchpad's brilliant landings.

Clip #1 - Impersonating a con
Darkwing gets foiled by a dustbuster
High Bandwith
Low Bandwith

Clip #2 - Ordinary duck
Darkwing defends his superhero-ieness
High Bandwidth
Low Bandwidth

Clip #3 - Pirates
Ducks of the Caribbean!
High Bandwidth
Low Bandwidth

Clip #4 - Cannonball
Ducks of the Caribbean: Part 2
High Bandwidth
Low Bandwidth

And that's all of them! And to conclude this update, I will be posting (shortly) a link to the official press release, which will be in the Tribune section. Ryan is also being kind enough to send me the new DVD set so I can review it for you guys! Hopefully this will also mean a review for the first set in the near future... *coughs nervously*
EDIT: Here's the press release link: click here!
And here's a shortcut to a BIG picture (202KB) of the DVD box art: click here!
LET'S GET DANGEROUS... AGAIN! - *~ Melissa ~*

May 4, 2007
Only the second update this year. *sighs* I might as well just say it: I can't update this site often enough. I have too many distractions on my plate. I won't close Flapping Terror, but I cannot promise updates anymore. If there's an update, then there's an update. If not, I'm sorry.
Also, I'd like to apologize to the winner of our birthday contest, but - and this is very hard for me to say - you won't be getting your pictures. Yes, I know, I'm horrible. But let's get real here; they'll never be drawn. I have no interest in getting them finished. I'll send you your trophies, but the pictures are a no-go. I'll never hold a contest for this site again.
In happier news, Volume 2 of the Darkwing Duck DVD collection is coming out this summer. Read the details here. Well... sorry, everyone. I've failed you all. For now, this is goodbye.

*SITE NOW ON HIATUS* - *~ Melissa ~*

March 5, 2007
Hello! Finally, an update, hooray! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, a Happy Channukah, a Happy Kwanzaa, a Happy New Year, and a Happy Valentine's Day. Okay, we've got something of an update today. We've got a bunch of screenshots and fan art for you to ogle, so mosey over to those sections to see them. Also, some huge news: I went to the New York Comic Con at the Jacob Javitz Center exactly one week ago. Guess who I met there? TAD STONES. IN PERSON! I even got his autograph!! I'll be writing all about it for the Tribune section of the site soon, and I'll be posting a scan of the autograph, so keep a sharp eye out!

I am so very happy. *squee!* - *~ Melissa ~*

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