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Flapping Terror: The Website that Gets Dangerous

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September 2006 - November 2006

November 26, 2006
Hope everyone in the U.S. had a Happy Turkey Day! Now for a big, unexpected update: a whole new forum! That's right, I got rid of the old forum for a better, cleaner, cooler-looking one. Everybody register and let's start talkin' up a storm!
See You There! - *~ Melissa ~*

November 1, 2006
The winners of the birthday contest have been announced! Check out the contest page to see!

*~ Melissa ~*

October 29, 2006
Tomorrow is the day before Halloween, and the final day you can send in entries to our Birthday Contest! Send us artwork (if you haven't done so already), a poem, an essay, or anything that fits the "miscellaneous" category. Remember, you can send us one of each category; that's up to four entries per person! Hurry! You have until 12 AM on Halloween!
Speaking of Halloween, you like our new logo? ;)

Good Luck to all the Entrants! - *~ Melissa ~*

October 24, 2006
In case you didn't check the contest page, I extended the deadline for entries to October 30th, and I'll be announcing the winners on November 1st. If you would like me to extend the deadline a little longer so you can finish your entries, please let me know and I'll see what I can do. Keep sending in entries, people!!

*~ Melissa ~*

September 18, 2006
I must sadly report that I have updated the links section. Why is it sad? Because I was forced to delete a lot of now-defunct websites. Let us now have a moment of silence for them. *long pause* Okay, moment's over. At least I finally fixed up everything, AND I managed to correct some links as well. If anyone has any new DW links they feel I should add, send me an e-mail with the link! TTFN, tah-tah for now!
Oh, and don't forget about the contest! *points below*

I am the terror that listens to Mozart as she is writing this... ahhh... *~ Melissa ~*

September 17, 2006
In case you haven't noticed on the front page, today is the fourth birthday of Flapping Terror! YAY! ^o^ Of course, it's not the official birthday of the site; it used to have two other locations before settling here at Tripod, and since I don't remember the actual date the first location opened, I decided to make Tripod location opening Flapping Terror's birthday.
But the history lesson doesn't end there. For those of you who haven't been keeping track, September 7 was the 15th anniversary of Darkwing Duck's premiere! :D Fifteen years is a long time, my friends, and it's amazing that the Darkwing fandom still continues even after so long... even when it's been 13 years since the series was cancelled, on September 11.
So, anyway... in honor of Darkwing's birthday, as well as Flapping Terror's, two major events will occur. First off, I will be giving the site a slight makeover, including a new message board - because let's face it, the Flapping Forum is as barren as a wasteland. I will also be adding and subtracting links, and adding new secret pages, which I continue to put off. *smacks forehead* I am also considering opening a Flapping Terror community on deviantART. As for the second major event, I will be holding... *drumroll please* ... A CONTEST! You can find the details of said contest HERE. I encourage everybody to join, and I hope you will all have fun participating!

*blows a party horn* - *~ Melissa ~*

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