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Flapping Terror: The Website that Gets Dangerous

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You wouldn't believe how many people are inspired to draw pictures, write stories, and make up fan characters because of Darkwing Duck! There's a lot of talent in these pages, so please, I ask you, do not claim any of these as your own if you didn't make them. A lot of creativity comes from the heart, and it would be a terrible thing if you disrespect this. Other than that, have fun looking and reading and poking around. Hey, maybe you'll be inspired to do some work of your own! If you have fan art, fan fiction, or fan character profiles, please send them to this e-mail address. Thank you!

Fan Art - currently 22 artists and 184 pictures.

Fan Fiction - currently 2 authors and 9 works.

Fan Characters - currently 5 creators and 10 characters.

Fan Bios and Theories - currently 4 authors, 1 bio, 1 profile, and 4 theories.

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Darkwing Duck and all related characters and elements are copyright Walt Disney Pictures and Buena Vista Animation, 1991-1995. Used without permission, for entertainment and informational purposes only. Flapping Terror is property of Melissa M., 2002 - 2010. Everything else belongs to their respective companies and persons. Thank you.